Which is the Best MacBook for Students to Buy

With the teens heading back to school, it’s the right time to grab the best MacBook for Students. Teenagers across the world prefer MacBooks because of the longer battery life and the Apple ecosystem that offers seamless connectivity.

However, there are plenty of MacBook models available in the market so choosing a MacBook for students becomes difficult task for parents and teen children’s.

So, here in this article I am going to tell you which MacBook to buy for students. Moreover, I have reviewed the top MacBooks that students prefer. Thus, this detailed guide will help you make an informed choice.

Best MacBooks for Students: From School Goers to College Students

Below I have reviewed the best MacBooks for students. These are the top models that are perfect for every student. 

#1. Apple MacBook Pro: Best for College and University Students 

2019 Apple MacBook Pro- Best for College and University Students

The MacBook Pro is a capable laptop that every university and college student should own. Equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, this best MacBook for students can easily handle almost every task. From programming tools to other software, students can install and run any type of app.

In addition, the 16GB RAM enhances the performance, and students can quickly multitask between several apps. Most college students need to store a lot of data, such as assignments and projects, and the 512GB SSD offers ample space. 

The TouchBar on the top serves a great purpose for students of graphic designing and Photoshop. Typing assignments also get comfortable, thanks to the island-style keyboard. It comes with a backlit as well, and you can study during the dark hours. 

The Retina display has higher brightness and is easier on the eyes because students need to study for longer durations. A single charge can last around 12 hours, and therefore, students can use it while commuting and without worrying about charging it.

The bigger screen lets you code with ease and is also good for uninterrupted entertainment. Lastly, the laptop features Thunderbolt ports for quick data transfer and connecting external peripherals.

Intel UHD Graphics 630 for improved performance.Not suitable for school students.
Bigger screen for better entertainment.You need a dock to connect external peripherals.
The display is easy on your eyes.
It has a larger heat sink for better dissipation.

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is a good choice for university and college students that need a high-end device. Its bigger display and superior battery life also make it perfect for students. Lastly, it’s a future-proof laptop, and students can keep using it for their jobs or for studying further. 

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#2. Apple MacBook Air: Best for High School Students 

2022 Apple MacBook Air with M2 chip - Best for High School Students

The latest MacBook Air from Apple comes with an M2 chip that offers amazing performance. High school students need a laptop that can handle multiple tasks such as Zoom, notes, and Microsoft Office that they use for studying and making assignments. 

This is a 13.6″ laptop that is compact and can easily slide into the backpack of school students. Furthermore, the Retina display offers an immersive view, and students can comfortably study using this laptop. 

Some high school students are also interested in YouTube as a career, and this MacBook can handle things easily. Moreover, students that want to pursue CSE and other engineering branches can keep using this laptop as they go from high school to college, so it is future-proof.

High school students also need a punch of entertainment, and the MacBook Air offers that too. It has a 3.5mm jack that lets students connect their headphones for uninterrupted entertainment. 

Talking about the battery life, it can last around 12 hours on decent usage. The keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience for students that want to make assignments and do other such things.

Lastly, the laptop is light making it perfect for everyday commuting.

It has a gorgeous display.Not a lot of connectivity ports are there.
The three-mic array is suitable for online classes and more.The screen size may be small for some students.
It has got powerful speakers.
Ample storage space is there.

High school students that need a lightweight and powerful laptop can consider the Apple MacBook Air 2022. It has an amazing processor, decent RAM, and a superb webcam. The laptop is perfect for studying, gaming, watching movies, and more.

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#3. Apple MacBook Air 2020: Best for School Students

2020 Apple MacBook Air with M1 chip- Best for School Students

School students don’t need a performance-oriented laptop. That’s why the MacBook Air 2020 fits the bill well. The laptop is suitable for every task that school students need to do, such as attending online classes, listening to rhymes, and watching YouTube videos.

Parents can quickly set up this laptop and connect it with their Apple ecosystem. The lightweight design lets the students carry this laptop and use it at their convenience. The Retina display is super-bright, and the display is easy on the eyes.

In addition, the TrueTone technology offers an immersive view, and students can enjoy every second while studying on this laptop. Furthermore, the bigger touchpad lets the students with small fingers scroll with comfort.

The battery life is equally impressive as other MacBooks, and students don’t need to worry about charging it every day. School students also love connecting with their friends, and the FaceTime HD camera lets them do it. Moreover, this MacBook has a multi-mic array for crystal clear sound. The speakers are also powerful, and school students can listen to rhymes and songs for better learning.

Lastly, this is not a very durable laptop, so parents of these students need to be a bit careful about it.

The battery can last up to 18 hours.Not very durable.
Stunning display and powerful speakers.Limited connectivity ports.
It has a no-noise fan.

The MacBook Air 2020 is a good choice for school students for online classes, entertainment, and other purposes. Moreover, it has a long battery life, and school students can even commute with this lightweight laptop.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Choose MacBooks 

Every student needs a laptop, and there’s no replacement for a MacBook. Here are some reasons why students prefer MacBooks and why these Apple laptops are good for them.

Powerful Chips

Nowadays, students have to use several tools, such as Zoom and note-taking apps. Therefore, they need a laptop that can handle multiple tasks. Moreover, the students of computer science need to use tools like Android Studio that need a powerful processor. 

The M1 Chip in the MacBook models makes them perfect for any type of task that students want to do.

Longer Battery Life

Students remain in their schools and colleges most of the time, therefore, they need a laptop with good battery life. Apple MacBooks are popular for their battery life, and that’s why they are perfect for students.

Typically, a MacBook’s battery can last around 10-12 hours, depending on the usage. The fast-charging support makes these laptops better. 


Students have to commute a lot, such as from their homes to school and then to their extra classes. Thus, buying a lightweight laptop makes more sense. Apple MacBooks are lighter compared to other laptops. So, the students won’t have any issues carrying it during commuting. 

It’s Got a Good Keyboard

There are plenty of things the students have to do, such as making assignments. Moreover, students of computer science need to write codes. These tasks call for a good keyboard, which the MacBook comes loaded with. Moreover, these keyboards have a built-in backlit that lets students work during dark hours. 

It’s Affordable

Nowadays, MacBooks have got cheaper and more affordable for students. There are several models on offer that are available for under $1000. 

MacBook vs. Windows Laptop: Which is Better for Students?

Students often get confused when choosing between MacBooks and Windows laptops. While both options are good, you need to settle on one. Below we have compared these laptops on different parameters.


When compared to the i3 and i5 processors, the M1 chip of the MacBook offers better performance. The i7 and i9 processors in Windows laptops are costly. Therefore, MacBooks are good in terms of performance.

Battery Life

MacBooks have a better battery life as compared to Windows laptops. Students often stay in their schools and colleges; therefore, they need a laptop with long-lasting battery life. 

Size and Weight

The brands like HP and Lenovo have introduced some lightweight laptops, but nothing can match the compactness and light weight of a MacBook. 

Keyboard and Trackpad

The bigger trackpad of the MacBook makes browsing more convenient, while the island-style keyboard makes typing more comfortable. Also, all MacBooks have a backlit keyboard so students can study and make assignments during the dark hours as well.


Apple offers a complete ecosystem with its products. For example, students that use iPhones and iPad can quickly connect these devices with their MacBooks. However, Windows laptops don’t offer this convenience.

MacBook with iPad Pro 12.9 Inch: Which is Better for Students?

MacBook and iPad Pro 12.9″ are both top-rated devices from Apple, and students prefer these devices as well. Choosing between an iPad and MacBook can be confusing for some students, so here is a quick comparison.


Modern iPads such as the iPad Pro 12.9 have got extremely powerful and can handle almost any task. However, there is no substitute for a MacBook when it comes to performance. 

Battery Life

The battery life of an iPad Pro 12.9” gives tough competition to a MacBook. However, MacBooks have better battery life. 

Extra Features

A MacBook comes with much more extra features compared to an iPad. A MacBook has a keyboard, a trackpad, and more that offers added convenience to the students. You can get these accessories for an iPad as well, but when it comes to convenience, MacBooks are better. 

MacBook Air & Pro: Which is Better for Students?

The biggest difference between the latest MacBook Air and the Pro is the availability of screen sizes. The MacBook Air comes in a 13.3″ display, whereas the Pro models are available in multiple size options. 

The Air models are ideal for students looking for a compact option. Students that are into programming and other tools such as AutoCAD can choose the Pro models with bigger screens. 

Furthermore, MacBook Air comes with fan-less technology, so there is no noise at all. On the other hand, MacBook Pro models feature a powerful fan that can be slightly noisy but dissipates heat efficiently. 

Here is a quick comparison table to help you make an informed decision between MacBook Air and Pro for students:

Features MacBook Air MacBook Pro
Display 13.3”13”, 14”, & 16”
Display Resolution 2560 x 1600 px2560 x 1600 px3024 x 1964 px3456 x 2234 px
Battery Life Up to 18 HoursUp to 21 Hours
Chip M1, M2 M1 & M1 Pro
Weight 2.84 lbs.3.09 lbs. – 4.63 lbs.
Cooling System Internal Cooling SystemFan
Ports Two Thunderbolt / USB 4Three Thunderbolt 4 USB-CHDMI PortSDXC card Slot

MacBook Air M1 vs. M2 Laptop for Students

There are some significant differences between MacBook Air M1 and M2. If you are a student and are confused between these two machines, here are the differences you should know.


The biggest noticeable difference between a MacBook Air M2 and M1 is the performance. Apple has improved the chip and made it better. Students that are into programming, video editing, and other CPU-intensive tasks should consider the M2 version.

However, school students can choose the MacBook M1 for regular tasks. 


The new MacBook Air M2 has a bigger screen and comes in new color finishes. Students that want a bigger display but still want to experience the compactness of a MacBook can consider the MacBook Air with M2. 

Battery Life

The MacBook Air M2 has got improved battery life. On a single charge, the battery can last around 20 hours, which is around 3-4 hours better than the M1 variants. 

Webcam and Speakers

The latest Apple MacBooks come with a superb webcam with 1080p resolution, which is significantly better than the low-grade 720p FaceTime HD camera available on the MacBook Air M1. 


The MacBook Air M2 offer better performance and more features, evidently, they are expensive as compared to the M1 variants. If you are into high school and looking for some job opportunities where you’ll need a laptop, we’d recommend the M2 models. However, if you need a good laptop for everyday usage, you can settle with the MacBook Air M1 variants.


Q: Is 256GB enough for a MacBook Air for a student?

A: MacBooks with 256GB are good for students that aren’t looking to store data on the machine. If you just want to install a few apps such as Zoom, and Microsoft Office, then 256GB storage is enough. However, if you want to store data such as class recordings and more, you should choose a MacBook with at least 512 GB of storage.

Q: Are MacBooks worth it for students?

A: Yes, MacBooks are worth it for every student, be it a college goer or one studying in high school.

Q: How long will a MacBook Air last for a student?

A: Well, the lifespan of the laptop depends on several factors, such as its maintenance. However, on average, a MacBook can easily last around 5-6 years if a student uses it with care.

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That’s everything I need to tell you about choosing a MacBook for students. Make sure to ask your child about their needs, and then choose MacBook configuration that offers performance and has a long-lasting battery.


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