The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Boxers for Teens

Finding the right fitting boxer for teens seems an overwhelming approach. Different styles, options, designs, and varieties may confuse you about getting a new boxer.

However, selecting good boxers for teens isn’t as complicated as it seems. You need to check a few things, such as how it fits, breathability, flexibility, and quality. Looking for these key things helps you select an ideal boxer. 

To make it easier, I’ve listed some essential tips that help select the right boxer to flaunt with confidence. Here you go!

How to Choose Boxers for Teenage Boys & Girls

Understand Your Fit

While shopping for teen boxers, the fitting matters for comfort and confident appeal. A perfectly fitting boxer doesn’t dig away from the skin, ride up, constrict, or twist when you move. 

That is why you need to accurately measure the waistband before buying a boxer. You can also consider the sizing charts offered by the brands to find the best-fitting boxer.

Aside from fitting, ensure the selected material provides flexibility, durability, and breathability. If you’re unable to figure out the right size, here are a few measurement tips.

  • Take a measuring tape horizontally around the waist below your ribs or your belly button. Avoid tightening the measuring tape and note down the numbers.
  • Take your hip measurement. Get the measurement horizontally from the widest area of the pelvis at the buttocks level. Using these tricks helps to choose the perfect fitting boxer.

Different types of boxers (briefs, trunks, boxer briefs) and their fit

Boys’ and girls’ preferences are different. Some look for comfort, whereas some look for style. I’ve curated here a few of the styles that help to decide the best boxer for teens. Let’s start with girls’ boxer styles.

The shape of the boyshorts style is little but boxy and uplifted with wider size seams and longer rise. The waistband is a little bit higher. Many teens like boyshorts because they have lower leg openings that offer ultimate comfort.

The shape of the boyshorts style is little but boxy and uplifted with wider size seams and longer rise. The waistband is a little bit higher. Many teens like boy shorts because they have lower leg openings that offer ultimate comfort.

The shortie is like undershorts with a short leg inseam. Girl’s shorties are truly comfortable to wear and have a modest design. The leg lengths of the shortie are longer than boyshorts. The gusset shape of the shortie provides excellent fitting.

Undershorts are typically worn under dresses and skirts. Its longer leg length prevents ride-up and offers better coverage.

Boys Boxers Styles

Some of the boy boxer styles are as follows:

Boy’s boxers are traditionally designed with longer leg lengths and looser fit. The design is woven to offer ultimate comfort and good fitting. There is no snuggly hem to restrict the waistband making it more relaxed and comfortable.

The brief boxer style is uniquely designed with the boxer and brief qualities. Usually, the boy brief has a longer leg length to prevent ride-up. It provides adequate support and great coverage.

Tips on How to Test For Comfort

Once you’ve got the boxer of your choice, the next term you need to check is comfort. Of course, you’ll flaunt in your boxer, so it has to be comfortable and breathable.

But first mobility comes first; if you cannot move comfortably, you will likely have a wrong-fitting boxer. Here are a few tips that help to test the comfort.

  • Wear the boxer and try to sit down and stand. If the fabric is too tight or tight after sitting, get one size bigger.
  • Take a small move or run. If you don’t feel uneasy, this would be an appropriate boxer.
  • A good quality boxer always feels cloudy, is easy to move, and doesn’t require any adjustment. If you find this in any boxer, this would be the right fit for you.

How Tight Should Boxers be for Teens?

The boxer brief should not make you feel very restricted or snuggly. A tight-fitted boxer may make you feel reserved and unable to do physical activities properly.

Therefore, your boxer should be elastic and complement your body shape. This should hold your body comfortably and support you adequately.

How Do I Know If Boxers Are Too Small For My Teen?

You can quickly find it by checking the leg holes of the boxer. Ask your teen to put legs in the boxer’s leg holes and pull it up.

This would be a right-fitting boxer if it fits properly and is pulled on easily.

However, if you face difficulty pulling the boxer up or get stuck on the upper legs or thighs, the boxer might be small for your teen.

Moreover, you can also check by sitting comfortably. If the boxer is squeezing your teen’s genital areas or legs, this might be too small for them.

Also, check the waistband to see if it is digging into your teen’s skin.

What Size Should I Buy for My Teen? Who Is Between Sizes?

If you’re juggling to find the right fitting boxer for your teen who is between sizes, choose the bigger one.

Suppose your teen is between a size medium and large; choose the large-size boxer.

The larger one is excellent because you can easily alter the large one according to the fitting.

Type of Boxers Fabrics

The boxer’s fabric is essential in comfort when looking for the right-fitting boxer for your teens. A good fabric should be breathable, flexible, easy to wash, wearable in different environmental conditions, and, most importantly, stretchy. Here is a quick guide on different types of fabrics and their pros and cons.

CottonCotton is popular in boxers because it is breathable, soft, and doesn’t cause skin rashes. 
The boxers made with cotton are easy to wash and very affordable.
Breathable, soft, skin-friendly, and easy to wash.Limited moisture absorption and quickly degrade.
SilkSilk is a natural form of fiber obtained from the silkworm. This is extremely smooth, lightweight, and has a moisture-wicking capacity. 
But it might not work during extreme temperature conditions.
Lightweight and comfortable to wear.Difficult to clean, fragile, and need maintenance.
ModalsModals, called micro medals, are naturally available fabrics from tree cellulose fibers. 
This has a butter-soft nature similar to silk and is breathable, like cotton.   However, it lacks rigid support and is not recommended for vigorous, active persons.
Very soft and stretchy.Doesn’t provide adequate support.
Marino Wool Marino wool is, again, a naturally available fiber obtained from sheep. The wool is much softer and doesn’t cause itchiness like other ordinary wool. 
It has built-in moisture absorbance capacity making it great for all skin types.
Moisture wicking, very soft, stretchable, and ideal for cool temperature region.Doesn’t last longer.
BambooBamboo is a form of natural fiber that is made with bamboo grass. 
This is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and very soft.
Breathable and lightweight.Flimsy and extremely thin.
PolyesterA polyester is a form of synthetic material that is chemically obtained. 
The polyester fabric provides much support, is flexible, and is easy to maintain. Typically, you find boxers made with polyester blends for great moisture control and breathability.
This type of boxer is great for athletic people.
Very supportive and durable.Low moisture absorption and synthetic material may cause skin rashes in some individuals.
NylonNylon is, again, a synthetic fabric obtained from petroleum. This is smooth, lightweight, stretchy, and moisture-wicking.Highly Flexible and stretchy.Very light and can easily tear off.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fabric

Now you know the different fabrics and materials used to make boxers. But the question is which fabric is best for your ultimate comfort? Here are a few factors that help to consider the best fabric for boxers.


The fabric you choose must be durable enough to withstand the seasons. Make sure the fabric is flexible and has added strength for maximum durability.


Cleaning of fabric is the most common concern of individuals. Some fabrics are easy to clean, and stains will be removed quickly. You don’t want to waste time cleaning, so always choose a fabric that ensures easy cleaning.

Fade Resistance

The most common complaint people make about fabric is fading after a few washes. Always choose a fabric that is light in color and resistant to fading or bleaching.


Boxers are available in various materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and more. The above details about fabric material help to find the relevant material for boxers.

What is the most comfortable fabric for boxers for teens?

Cotton fabric is the most comfortable fabric for boxers for teens. It soaks heat and moisture and is very breathable. Besides this, it helps to keep you fresh for the whole day long.

Are cotton boxers better than synthetic materials?

Cotton fabric is better than synthetic materials because they are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Moreover, it helps prevent irritation and chafing and is good for sensitive skin.

How do I care for boxers made from different fabrics?

You can follow these care tips for boxers made with different fabrics. 
Cotton: Cold or hot water wash with tumble dry warm or direct sun.
Linen: Wash with cold water and air dry away from sunlight.
Silk: Cool warm wash and hand wash. Tumble or air dry.
Polyester: Cold water washes with tumble dry and air dry.

Boxers Styles

Teen Boxers are available in different color coordination, pattern, and designs. However, the basic boxer styles you can choose are shorts, briefs, solid boxers, and looser boxers. Some of the trending styles of boxers available in the market are:

  • Printed Pattern Unisex Boxers

These printable pattern boxers are for girls and boys both. The patterns of boxers and loose-fitting design make it the perfect sleepwear for teens.

  • Free Check Colorful Pattern Boxer

Solid color checks pattern boxers are again the favorite of teens. You can try multi-check designs or colorful checker-designed boxers for your teens.

  • Classic Boxer Pattern

The classic boxer’s pattern is available in different sizes with no seam allowance. This is a form of a free pattern having detailed checks or linings. Depending on your requirement you can choose the most preferable style and pattern of a boxer for teens.

What are the most popular boxer styles for teens?

Boxer briefs, boy shorts, and briefs are popular boxer styles for teens for the best support and comfort.

Are boxers designed specifically for sports?

Boxer briefs are usually designed for sports. Boxers made with synthetic materials such as nylon help absorb moisture, maintain shape, and regulate your body temperature. Moreover, it dries off quickly during exercises.

Can my teen wear boxers as shorts?

Yes, teens can wear boxers as shorts.

Best Boxers Brand

Some of the popular brands of boxers are as follows:

Calvin Klein is one of the luxury brands that offer boxers. The brand stepped into the boxers after the immense success of Calvin Klein. They have an exclusive range of boxers and briefs. From classic boxers to color briefs and unique patterns, you get a huge variety of boxers from Calvin Klein.

Hanes is on a mission of “Comfort for All .”This brand provides various colored, geometry-patterned loose boxers, tight briefs, and traditional boxer styles for men and women.

Fabletics is a brand of breathable, cotton-based, anti-stink boxers for everyone. If you’re looking for a classic collection of teen boxers, Fabletics has everything for you.

The basic brand offers various styles and cuts with an exclusive range of sizes and designs. Cotton-based boxers and active boxer briefs are the most popular of this brand.

The brand is insane and known for Jockey shorts. You can shop for different styles of boxers, colors, cuts, and patterns.

Nike provides the best sweat-wicking boxers that are perfect for the summer season. You get various sizes, colors, unique patterns, and designs.

What is the best brand for boxers for teens?

Hanes, Calvin Klein, Jockey, and Mack Weldon are some of the popular brands for boxers for teens.

Are expensive boxers better quality?

Expensive boxer brands focus on quality and durability both. Hence, expensive boxers may indicate better quality. However, there are some cheap brands available that offer excellent quality boxers. So, it is probably based on material and build quality companies opt not rates.

Can I trust lesser-known brands for teen boxers?

You can trust lesser-known brands for teen boxers because they offer better fabric, durable, and quality boxers. Before deciding to purchase, check the material, build quality, fade resistance, cleaning, and maintenance required.

Maintenance of Boxers

Boxers may easily tear off if you don’t care properly. So, instead of suffering, it’s better to follow some caring tips for the extended life span of boxers.

  • Always wash in cold or Lukewarm water.
  • Never bleach or wash your boxers with hard chemicals. Bleaching powder may fade away the color of the boxer and can weaken the fabric strands. As a result, the boxer easily tears off after some wash.
  • Always use a mild detergent to wash your boxers because harsh detergent powders can break fibers quickly.
  • Try to dry your boxers away from direct sunlight. This helps to prevent fading of the color of boxers.
  • Store boxers in drawers away from heat.

The above practices not only help to keep your boxer clean and dry but also help to improve the lifespan of the boxers.

How often should I wash my teen’s boxers?

Boxers are recommended to wash after every use for hygiene purposes.

Can I put boxers in the dryer?

Sometimes driers can become too hot, breaking the strands of the boxer fabric. You should avoid putting boxers in the dryer.

How long do boxers typically last?

Boxers typically last for one year if used regularly.

Do boxers make a difference in comfort and performance?

Yes, boxers are extremely comfortable to wear. If you wear a tight-fitting boxer during sports, it may impact your performance. But boxers are meant for comfort and performance. They fit snuggly and ensure proper movement.

Are boxers the best option for teens, or there are any other alternatives?

Boxers are probably the best option for teens because they offer the best coverage and are very comfortable to wear. Alternatively, you can try boxer briefs or briefs for teens.

What are the factors to consider when choosing underwear for teens?

When choosing underwear for teens, ensure to check fabric material, washing, maintenance, breathability, stretchiness, durability, and hypoallergenic.

How important is comfort when it comes to teen underwear?

Comfort is extremely important when it comes to choosing teens’ underwear. Good-fitting underwear helps to enhance the body shape and prevent irrelevant irritation that may happen to your teens because of tight underwear. This may ruin their performance while doing activities.

Can the wrong type of underwear cause health problems for teens?

The wrong type of underwear can cause skin inflammation, rashes, and redness and may damage the skin. Moreover, the wrong type of underwear can invite genital infection and cause other problems.

Are there any hygiene concerns I should consider regarding teen underwear?

Before you purchase underwear for teens, make sure to keep hygiene concerns in mind. Suppose your teen sweats a lot; it would be great to choose moisture-wicking underwear to avoid unnecessary moisture leakage. Above this, try to buy underwear that has microbial growth resistance properly.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when choosing underwear for teens?

Choosing the wrong fitting and fabric are some common mistakes you should avoid while choosing underwear for teens.

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Bottom Line

Whether you’re considering buying a boxer for fashion or other purposes, remember comfort matters a lot. Having the right fitting boxer for the teen may make them confident.

Therefore, when choosing the best boxer for teens, be sure to tick marks all the above-listed points. Before purchasing, consider all the activities your teens do while wearing boxers. Also, choose those styles and designs that provide ultimate support.

Do not hesitate to try different boxer styles, sizes, and patterns. This helps to choose a perfect fitting boxer for teens. Last, focus on the best brands for premium comfort and the best quality boxers that last longer with you.


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