How To Get Your First Period Overnight For 9 To 12 Years Old?

One of the most important stages of your girl child hitting puberty is starting her period cycle. Generally, girls get their period within the age of 10 to 13, but some might get it earlier or later depending on their hormonal changes, diet, physical growth, etc. 

As a mother, it’s normal to get worried if your girl isn’t getting her first period while most other girls of her age have experienced it. So you might be wondering if it’s possible to get the first period overnight for 9 to 12 years old. 

Well, there is no remedy to getting your period overnight. However, eating some fruits, vegetables, and homemade concoctions can help speed up the process. 

Based on my experience, I’ll share some important insights on the topic so let’s get started.

How To Get Your First Period Overnight For 9 To 12 Years Old?

Is It Really Possible To Get My First Period Overnight? If yes, How? 

No, it’s not possible to get your first period overnight. While adult women who already had their first period take pills to induce periods faster, there is no such thing as getting periods overnight. 

Moreover, no gynec would recommend a teenage girl to rely on some medicines to get her first period. You should know that period is a natural cycle, so the time for the first period is different for everyone. 
If you are worried that all the girls of your daughter’s age had their first period except for your daughter, you can try some home remedies to induce her cycle.

Home Remedies Or Fruits/Vegetables That Help Get Period Faster 

As I said, you cannot rely on medical help to get the first period for your daughter. But if this thing is bothering you and your girl isn’t getting her period, you can try some home remedies or feed her some fruits and vegetables that may help her get period faster.

Following are some of the things that are believed to speed up the process of the period cycle- 


Vitamin C-based fruits like oranges, pineapple, mango, papaya, lemons, kiwis, etc., may help fasten the process. The ascorbic acid in vitamin C helps stimulate estrogen levels and helps get girls their first period. 

Other fruits like pomegranate, dates, almonds, grapes, etc. may also help you start your menstruation cycle. 


We know turmeric has lots of benefits, and the inducing period is one of them. Turmeric can stimulate blood flow to your uterus and help start the menstruation cycle. You can have some turmeric powder mixed in warm milk before bed. 


I know you may not want to let your 10 or 13 year old coffee, but gynecologists say that the presence of caffeine helps stimulate estrogen and get periods faster. It increases the blood flow in your pelvic area leading to the early arrival of the period. Most grown up women use this remedy to get their periods faster. 

Carom Seed And Jaggery Concoction

 A concoction made of jaggery and carom seeds is a widely used homemade remedy to get periods faster. All you have to do is mix 1 tsp jaggery and 1 tsp carom seeds in lukewarm water and have it empty stomach. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger is an emmenagogue herb that has so many health benefits. Ginger can stimulate menstruation flow resulting in an early period. You can either make ginger tea or have some fresh ginger juice by mixing it with jaggery. 

But ginger sometimes causes acidity; therefore, don’t over consume it. But if you are not able to eat ginger at all, you can try the other remedies I mentioned. 

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are also known to result in early periods. You can boil some fennel seeds in water and have them as a fennel seed tea. Fennel seed tea not only helps with the early period but also promotes healthy flow. 

Other Herbs, seeds & Vegetables

There are so many other herbs that are known to help get periods early. Some of them are- coriander seeds, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, celery, pumpkin, aloe vera juice, carrots, etc. 

Please note that the remedies I have mentioned are not guaranteed to induce the first period overnight. These are some of the remedies people have been using for ages, and gynecologists also believe that these have the power to increase blood flow in the pelvic area and induce estrogen levels.

What Changes Will I Notice Before Getting My First Period?

When you hit puberty, you’ll notice some physical changes. These changes are also symptoms that you are about to get your first period. Following are some of the common changes every girl notice when she is about to start her menstruation cycle- 

Change In Body Size

This is one of the most obvious changes you’ll notice when you hit puberty. Your height and weight should most probably increase. Your other body parts, like the hip area, get wider and rounder. Your whole pelvis area also increases in size. 

Breast/ Nipple Growth

Another common change is that your breast and your nipples will grow. You’ll notice that the darker area around your nipple has widened, and the small bumps around the nipple have risen. 

You might experience little pain and feel like there is a lump in your breast area. This lump is called breast buds. Some girls experience changes in both breasts at the same time, and for some, there might be some time gaps. 

Please note that your breast size begins to grow 2 to 3 years before getting your first period. So your menstruation cycle won’t begin immediately after noticing these changes. 

Growth In Pubic Hair

The next change is the growth of pubic hair. For some, the public hair starts growing before their breast size increases. At first, you’ll notice just a few hair strands, but gradually they grow thicker and curlier. 

Vaginal Fluid

Before 6 to 8 months of getting your first period, you’ll notice that your vaginal fluid is getting wetter. It is generally a thin, whitish fluid, but the texture may change frequently as you get closer to getting your period. 

Sometimes, it can be thicker or have a creamy texture; sometimes, it may be clear, or sometimes the vaginal fluid may have a very stretchy texture. These are pretty normal, so you don’t have to get worried.

How Do I Prepare For My First Period?

The first period is not an everyday thing. It can be overwhelming, painful, and irritating to get blood stains all over your clothes. Therefore, it’s essential to train your girl about her first period, what to expect and how to take care of herself. 

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • First periods are special so you can gift her a period kit which not only has all the essential things like pads, disposal pouches, panty liners, period underwear, and lots of other goodies that will make your daughter feel good.
  • Tell your daughter about pads and how to use them. Nowadays, we have so many options other than pads like- tampons, menstrual cups, etc. But as per experts and from my personal experience as well, pads are the best option, to begin with.
  • Teach them how to dispose of pads. 
  • Tell her not to get scared or surprised seeing her bleed. It’s normal, and she can take care of it. 
  • Period cramps can be extremely painful; hence you must give her hints about them. Also, teach her how to ease out the pain by using hot water bags, having some dark chocolate, etc. 
  • Also, educating your daughter about maintaining hygiene is also important. You can share hygiene tips you follow and research about the same as well.  
  • Period trackers are great because if you forget your period date, the device won’t. Sometimes girls miss their period due to some disease like hormonal imbalance, weight gain, etc. which is why you can’t ignore tracking your periods.
  • It will help your teen and teen’s doctor to identify any possible menstrual disorders or other health problems if you get irregular periods frequently.
Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Worry About My Daughter Not Getting Her First Period?

If your girl is older than 15 years and has experienced all other puberty symptoms, you should get worried about not getting her first period. And you must see a physician.

How Long Does The First Period Last? 

The first periods are usually light and you won’t get a very heavy flow. It usually lasts between 3 to seven days. However, it may differ for some.

Is Ten Years Old Too Early For Periods?

No, ten years old isn’t too early for periods. Girls start getting their period between 10 to 15 years but some get it even earlier. When a girl gets her period depends on her daily activities, physical structure, diet and genes.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Get My Period Even After Experiencing Other Puberty Symptoms? 

If you aren’t getting a period even after experiencing all other symptoms of puberty, you must see a gynec immediately. Sometimes amenorrhea can be the reason. Amenorrhea is a condition where girls don’t get their periods and cannot get pregnant.

Therefore, it’s essential to see a doctor and know the reason for not getting your period as they can advise you best in this case.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you found this guide on starting your periods useful. You must remember that everyone has a different body, and the period of time will vary for each individual. 

Although there is no science to getting periods overnight, you can try the home remedies I mentioned. Also, get your girl ready for her first menstruation by educating her about it. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments. 

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