How to Choose the Best Bra Type For Teenagers – An Advice from Mom

Choosing the best bra for teenagers isn’t easy. Finding something with the perfect size, style, and comfort is confusing. And I know all mothers face the same dilemma when buying the first bra for their daughters.  

But now that I have passed that age and being a mother myself, I can guide you in selecting the perfect one that won’t make your daughter uncomfortable. 

For beginners, soft, comfortable, and mostly wire-free bras are best to avoid skin rashes and discomfort. 

Independent teens who want to go alone for their bra shopping should also remember that fancy-looking bras are not for everyday use. Trust me; such bras can be a real pain to wear during long school or college hours. 

To ease all your woes of first time bra shopping, I’m here to help you pick the best bra type for young teens by telling you the dos and don’ts. So, let’s get started. 

Which Type of Bra Is Good For Teenagers?

There are multiple bra styles, each for a specific purpose. While most grown-up women own all varieties of bras, teens don’t really need to go huge on bra shopping. 

Teens should mostly focus on getting a bra that provides ample breast support without stopping them from participating in their daily activities. 

Keeping that in mind, here are the best types of bras for beginners that you can pick for your teenage daughter-  

T-shirt bra for Teens

T-shirt bras are one of the most comfortable bras for teens. T-shirt bras have a smooth, seamless finish with no poking experience. 

One of the common concerns with bras is that the bra line peeks through t-shirts and shirts. This can make your little daughter conscious, but with t-shirt bras, that’s no longer a concern. 

T-shirt bras were my personal favorite in my teen days because I could literally wear them with anything. 

These bras are seamless with invisible cups that will perfectly support the breast without showing any bra line. Most t-shirt bras have molded seamless cups that perfectly cover breasts without adding excess bulk. 

The light pads work as built-in nipple covers, so there is no worry about anything showing through, even when you are wearing a sheer t-shirt or top. 

But you can wear t-shirt bras under other dresses as well without feeling any discomfort. They are also full coverage, so they are quite ideal for teens. 

Also, I feel full coverage bras are the best for teens, whatever the type you pick.

Full coverage.Wired t-shirt bras may cause skin rashes.
No bra line showing through.
Light padded for perfect shape and comfort.

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Slip-on bra for Teenage Girls

Slip-on bras are another type that I feel teens would feel comfortable in. Slip-on bras are hook-free; teens can wear them just like regular inners. 

I would say slip bras are almost an upgraded form of the regular camisoles. If your daughter is not very open to wearing bras with straps and hooks, slip-on bras are the best starter for teens. 

It will provide ample breast support without making them uncomfortable. You’ll get both non-padded and padded bras for teenagers for these, and you can choose either based on your daughter’s breast size. 

If you buy the non-padded ones, I’ll suggest you get the double-layered cups for nipple coverage and ample Support. 

Most slip-on bras are full coverage, so there are no chances of slippage from the sides. Slip-on bras are best for wearing under uniforms. 

Pick cotton ones because they have better breathability, and it’s best to pick wireless ones always. Slip-on bras give that required Support without making the chest area feel restricted. 

Another plus point of slip-on bras is they are seamless, so you don’t have to worry about the bra peeking through.

Extremely comfortable.Does not go under all outfit types.
No bra line.
Thick straps that do not leave rashes on the skin.
Full coverage.

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Sport Bra for Teenagers

My mother wasn’t aware of sports bra, so she never bought me one in my teens. But you must not make that mistake. 

Sports bra for teenagers are one of the wardrobe essentials. Schools and colleges often organize different sports programs, and training bras are a must for such occasions. 

These bras are made in a way to prevent bouncing while providing great shape and Support. One of the most uncomfortable moments could be when your daughter participates in some sports but is unable to perform best because her bra isn’t supportive enough. 

To prevent this, good quality sports are a must. Also, teach your daughter about which bras to wear when so that she knows what to pick for particular days. 

I would suggest you get moisture-wicking training bras because they will keep the chest area fresh and dry without making them sweaty. Such a fabric is great for outdoor activities. 

Most of these bras are full coverage which is again a must for teens. I personally like the racer-back ones because I feel they provide more support and comfort.

Provides great Support.Sports bras are extremely tight.
Does not give skin burns.
Keeps the area sweat-free.

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Bralette for Teens

All bra types I mentioned above are best for comfort and Support. But those looking for some stylish bra for teenagers can go for a bralette. 

Let me be clear. You’ll find numerous styles for bralette; some are pretty basic, while some are quite heavy on the design. 

If you need something super stylish to wear under your blazers or deep-neck dresses/tops, bralettes are the best. 

As a teen, I loved to wear those party dresses, but finding the perfect bra to wear underneath was the biggest confusion. Especially for deep-neck dresses. 

But now that I know that these work perfectly for such tops and dresses, keeping at least a couple of pieces is necessary. 

There are padded and unpadded bralettes. If your breast and nipple sizes aren’t too big, non-padded ones will do for you. But if you want better shape and structure, go for the padded variety. 

Again design-wise, you’ll be spoiled by choices for bralettes. From basic ones to quite fancy ones, there is a choice for everyone. 

It would be best if you keep each of both styles.

Best to wear under designable dresses.Not suitable for everyday wear.
Available in numerous designs.

Those are some of the best bras for teenagers. But only knowing the bra type isn’t enough; there are other concerns that you must know about wearing bras. Let’s go ahead and check them out as well.

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Why Teenagers Should Wear Bra in Their Early Age

Many teenagers think that wearing bras will stop breast growth, and they don’t recommend to wear bras. But that’s not true. Breast size is controlled by genes and hormones and not by wearing bras. 

Actually, it’s important for teens to start wearing bras. Following are some of the reasons as to why they should wear them- 

Prevent breast sagging 

Wearing a bra prevents breast sagging. Breasts are made of fats & glands that expand with time and lead to sagging. To prevent this, wearing bras from a teenage is necessary. 

Gives better shape & Support  

A good-quality bra can help maintain the shape of your breasts. Also, as the bra size grows, we need to wear something better than the usual inners to support them. Bra definitely helps give your breast better Support and does not make you feel conscious. 

Provides comfort

All the pulls and bounces you feel when your breast grows are actually very uncomfortable. This can even lead to pain, especially in the case of busty girls. 

This is another reason for wearing bras because it prevents them from bouncing, and you can carry on with your daily activities without pain and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions By Moms

Which Is The Best Age To Start Wearing Bras? 

The standard age for girls starting to wear bras is 11. But there is no hard and fast rule. It depends on how fast the growth is, which varies for every teen. 

Which Is The Best Bra Band For Teens?

Some of the best great quality bra brands for teens are- Calvin Klein, Manjiamei, Phennie’s, Hanes, etc.

How To Measure Bra Size? Is There Any Bra Size Calculator For Teens?

Take a measuring tape and stand tall without wearing a bra. Now measure around the back till the front of your breast. Also, measure under the bust, where the bra band sits. 

Make sure that you’re holding the tape firm, and it should not be too tight. Rather it should feel snug. 

Most lingerie or intimate wear sites have bra size calculators. You have to enter your underbust measurement and over the bust or the cup size measurements in the designated places, and it will show you your perfect bra size.

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Getting a comfortable bra for teenagers is a real task. Hence, knowledge about different bra types is a must before starting your bra shopping. 

My list included products based on practicality, comfort, Support, and ease of wear. You definitely don’t want your daughter to get rashes and skin issues when she begins wearing bras.

Going through this guide will definitely help you understand which ones you should pick and which ones you should avoid. 

Did you find my bra guide helpful? Did I miss out on anything? Let me know in the comments.

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