How to Use Apple Pencil for Drawing and Taking Notes in School and College

The Apple Pencil has made it a cinch for teens to take notes, draw, sketch, and do much more. Moreover, carrying an iPad and an Apple Pencil is more convenient than having multiple notebooks, drawing books, and sketch pallets stashed in the school bag.

While you may think Apple Pencils are suitable for professional use only, these smart gadgets are also perfect for your teens. Wondering how teens can use Apple Pencils for drawing and taking notes at school? 

This article is all about how to use an Apple Pencil for taking Notes and drawing in school and college. I’ve explained everything in steps, so teenagers can quickly master the art of using their Apple Pencils.

How to Use Apple Pencil for Drawing and Taking Notes in School and College

Getting Started with Apple Pencil 

The first step includes pairing the Apple Pencil with the iPad. Apple has introduced two generations of this stylus, and the pairing methods for both generations are different.

Steps to Pair Apple Pencil Gen 1 to Your iPad 

  • Remove the cap from your Apple Pencil to access the lightning port. 
  • Plug the pencil into your iPad. You’ll see the Pair button on the screen, click on it.
  • You have successfully paired your Apple Pencil with the iPad.

Steps to Pair Apple Pencil Gen 2 to Your iPad 

  • Place the Apple Pencil on the magnetic connector side of your iPad.
  • You’ll see the pencil on the screen when it’s successfully paired with the iPad.

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How to Convert Hand-written Notes to Text

You can now convert your handwritten notes to text quickly using Scribble. It will automatically convert your handwritten notes into text. 

Step #1: First, you must select the text you want to convert. Select the word by double tapping or touching and holding a word. If you want to choose multiple words, sweep your finger over them. Tripe tap to choose the entire line.

Step #2: Now, tap on the selected words and tap on Copy as Text from the menu that appeared on the screen.

Step #3:  You can copy and paste the text into another document or App you want.

If you want to turn off converting handwritten notes to text automatically, you can go to Setting-> Apple Pencil, then disable the Scribble option.

How to Draw using Apple Pencil

Step #1: Launch the Notes App on your iPad. 

Step #2: Adjust the tool palette on the screen so that you can have enough space to draw your imagination on the screen. You can use a ruler to draw a straight line and rotate them using your fingers. If you want to erase something then double-tap to view erasing options.

Best Note-taking and Drawing Apps to use With Apple Pencil 

Below is a list of some amazing apps that let you put the pencil on the screen and jot down your important stuff and creativity.

#1. GoodNotes 5

If you need an advanced app to take notes quickly, GoodNotes 5 is the best app. Packed with plenty of robust features, the app is ideal for saving handwriting notes and drawing using the Apple Pencil.

You may pick from a wide range of digital paper kinds to meet your specific requirements, including lined, graph, design, music notation, and more.

If you think that is not enough, the app lets you upload your own custom template, and there are many cover styles for digital notebooks that you may write or doodle on for further customization.

The app is available to download for free, while you can also get a paid subscription to access advanced features.

#2. Microsoft OneNote

If your teen is already invested in the Microsoft Office environment, OneNote is a viable choice. Even if they aren’t, it works well by allowing them to see and update notes.

OneNote is a full-featured note-taking program that includes handwriting and sketching features that function flawlessly with the Apple Pencil. This means your kids may handwrite essential sketch diagrams, notes, and ideas and even annotate existing OneNote pages.

#3. Noteshelf 

One of the greatest note-taking applications for the iPad and Apple Pencil is Noteshelf, which is a great substitute for GoodNotes and Microsoft OneNote.

The handwritten notes, PDF annotations, and even recorded audio may all be included in Noteshelf, which is useful for students. According to Noteshelf, using the app is as easy and natural as writing on a notepad.

Noteshelf has a variety of pen types, including a fountain pen that mimics the refined experience.

#4. Evernote

Your kids can make a tonne of notebooks, task lists, and checklists with Evernote. It has a wide range of choices, much like all the other note-taking programs.

Teens may include text, images, PDFs, audio and video files, and more in your notes. Additionally, Evernote can transcribe your dictated notes, saving you a lot of time compared to a typical workday.

Use the camera to scan papers and pictures, then digitize any analog material. All of your devices are always up to date with Sync & Cloud. A well-organized file and search system adds the finishing touch to Evernote’s incredible range of functions.

#5. Wunderlist

I decided to take a deeper look at this notes app after reading in Verge magazine that Wunderlist is one of the greatest list planners for your iPad, if not the best.

All of your devices may use the app thanks to the auto-sync function. Continue with your reminders and add to them with pictures, notes, or other files, whether they are for studying or other purposes.

There are several useful features offered by Wunderlist that make teenagers’ daily responsibilities easier. The scheduler is ideal for the teens and helps them stay up to date with their schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Apple Pencil good for teens for note taking?

A: Yes, Apple Pencil is an amazing gadget that helps teenagers take notes quickly. They can also use the stylus to draw and sketch, and it’ll make their work easy.

Q: Which Apple Pencil is good for teens?

A: Apple Pencil Gen 2 is an amazing choice for teens. The stylus offers wireless connectivity, and teens can easily charge it from their iPad.

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Using Apple Pencil, teens can take notes, draw, and sketch. Also, teens can quickly learn using this stylus. I hope this detailed guide has helped you and your teenage kid how to use Apple Pencil and for what purposes this stylus can be used.

Stay tuned to the Teenagers Guide Blog to keep your kids up to date with the technology. 


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