Best Cool Christmas Gifts for Teenage Guys

Are you looking for cool Christmas gifts for teenage guys? If yes, you’re at the right place. Teens love fun, quirky, and playful stuff, and knowing their likes and dislikes can, at times, be confusing for parents/ relatives. 

Therefore, after taking the opinions of so many teens and their interests and researching what’s trending in the market for them, we have compiled this list of cool gift ideas for teenage guys that’ll come in handy this Christmas season. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the list and don’t miss to check our another list of the best secret santa gifts for teenagers.

List of Cool Christmas Gifts for Teenage Guys

#1. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set for Teens

Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set for Teens

If your teen girl or boy is into fun & thrilling adventure games, they would love this Squad Hero Store Rechargeable Laser Tag Set. Lager sets are very popular among teens and are also inexpensive gifts to make them happy. 

These rechargeable gears last long, and one full charge goes a long way. So they can play uninterrupted for long hours. 

There are four guns and a vest in the set with a four-in-one charging cable. Packed with advanced features, the laser set has two target zones (chest & gun), two weapon modes (pistol & automatic), team or solo mode, 150-foot reach, and stealth mode to let you have the ultimate experience. 

Design-wise, the set has a very premium look to give you the real feel of fighting in the battleground. And as the vest comes wired with the gun, there is no need for additional settings or complex pair-ups.

Packed with advanced features.The sensors could have been sharper.
You can play about eight 30 minutes games on a single charge.
Wider range with different playing modes.

Verdict: The Squad Hero Store Rechargeable Laser Tag Set is the best tech gift for Christmas. If your teen kid is into gadgets and Battle Royale games, they would love this present.

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#2. Gallstep Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock

Gallstep Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock

Gone are the days of boring Bluetooth speakers. Speakers with LED lights and innovative designs are now trending, and the GallStep one is something your teen would love. 

The best part is it’s not simply a Bluetooth speaker. It works as an alarm clock, touch screen LED lamp, hand-free call, and also as an MP3 player. 

The MP3 player also works with Aux-in, micro-SD, and USB sticks, as each type has separate ports. 

Color-changing LED lamps are trending nowadays, and it’s a common decor item in every teen’s room. The GallStep one has 48 soft LED light lamps with three brightness adjustment levels. 

You can change the colors from warm tones to cool tones to create an aesthetic and magical vibe in your room, living space, closet, etc.

The coolest part is it can change color as per the beats of the music, which is best when you host house parties, during campings, or enjoy some fantastic music all by yourself. 

Powered by a 4000mAH large capacity battery gives 8 to 10 hours of playtime in full volume. The battery lasts even longer, up to a week, if you only use it during the night or when played at low volume. 

You can charge it with a USB cable, and it takes 6 to 8 hours to charge completely. 

The alarm clock supports a calendar, alarm, and sleep mode. You can turn on the snooze mode with a single tap on the top, and with a double tap, you can turn off the alarm. Isn’t it super cool?

5 in 1 multifunctional speaker.The power cord could have been longer.
Great battery life.
Loaded with advanced features.

Verdict: The GallStep Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most awesome gift ideas for teenage guys. They would love the fancy features, the LED lamp, and also the high-definition stereo sound of the speaker.

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#3. GlowCity Light Up LED Red Basketball for Teen Boy

GlowCity Light Up LED Red Basket Ball for Teen Boy

Teens who are fans of basketball games would love to receive the GlowCity Store Glow Basketball as a Christmas present. 

Teens always love sporty and quickie styles, and this basketball is designed especially for today’s teens. The LED basketball features 2 LED lights that provide up to 30 hours of illumination. 

But this basketball is not simply for decoration. It’s made with sturdy water-resistant rubber skin to not get damaged even during rough plays. 

Further, the thick exterior keeps the light protected so that you can play outdoor and indoor games worry-free. 

The ball comes with pre-installed batteries along with some extras for uninterrupted illumination. You can inflate the ball using a pump whenever you need to change batteries. 

Instructions for changing batteries are provided with the package, so you won’t face any issues while changing batteries.

Made from high-quality, water-resistant & durable rubber.Does not come with a pump to swish the ball.
LED lights provide up to 30 hours of light.
Includes batteries.

Verdict: GlowCity Store Glow In The Dark Basketball is one of the popular things among teens who love playing basketball. It’s a great gift idea to bring a smile to them this Christmas.

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#4. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers for Teen Girl

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers for Teen Girl

If you’re looking for cool cheap gifts to give teenagers, the BIC Body Mark Temporary tattoo maker is best for teens with a keen interest in tattoos. 

The cosmetic-quality tattoo makers are safe on the skin. It should not create any irritation or rashes; however, being careful before using it is always the best idea. 

This temporary tattoo comes in eight bright colors allowing you to make beautiful designs. The color pens contain ingredients like- water, Propyl alcohol, acrylates, Hydrochloric Acid, Methacrylate, and TBHQ. 

The colors are also long-lasting and won’t wear off until you wash them. You can apply setting spray on top of it to make it last even longer.

Long-lasting colors.It may not be safe for sensitive skin.
The flexible brush tip helps make any design.
One pack includes multiple colors.

Verdict: The BIC Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Maker is a great gift item for teens with a passion for tattoos and art in general. Teens who are not sensitive to the ingredients used in making the pens would love using these pens.

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#5. Vlando Medium Size Jewelry Box for Teen Girls

Vlando Medium Size Jewelry Box for Teen Girls

Girls love beauty accessories, and jewelry boxes are one of their favorite items to own. If you have a teenage daughter, niece, or friend, gifting the Vlando Store medium-size jewelry box is the best idea. 

This compact jewelry box is best for teens who don’t own too much jewelry. There are multiple compartments to keep their accessories well-organized. The top section is for keeping rings, and there are two drawers with compartments for keeping other jewels. 

The exterior is made from excellent quality PU leather to make it look luxe, and the interior has velvet cushion lining that keeps your accessories in pristine condition.

Made from durable & premium quality material.The box may get stains easily, so handle it with care.
Compartments to keep jewelry well organized.
Velvet lining for added protection.

Verdict: The Vlando Store Medium Size Jewelry Box is best for girls who love to keep their accessories in aesthetically pleasing boxes. It’s one of the best gift options for teen girls due to its usefulness, style, and quality.

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#6. AMBREGRISSUN Gag Gifts for Teenagers

AMBREGRISSUN Gag Gifts for Teenagers

Teens love keychains with quirky quotes, and the AMBREGRISSUN Gag keychain would definitely be one of their favorites. The keychain has a funny quote, just what teens love to flash around among friends. 

Also, the quote has an inspirational message to keep teens motivated and not get distracted from other things. 

The keychain is made from high-quality stainless steel. With an ultra-smooth finish, the pendant has a high shine and does not have any rough edges. 

The best part is the keychain comes in a beautiful jewelry box and does not require additional gift wrapping.

Made from stainless steel.The keychain is not scratch proof.
Ultrasmooth finish.

Verdict: The AMBREGRISSUN Gag Gifts for Teens is a perfect item to add to a Christmas present goodie box. It’s one of the items teens would find useful and trendy as well.

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#7. Kids Against Maturity Card Game for Teenagers

Kids Against Maturity Card Game for Teenagers

Card games are a thing during Christmas, so why not surprise your kid with a pack of fun-filled card games? 

The Kids Against Maturity card game is the perfect tool to get your family together during the festive season. You and your teen children would enjoy playing cards with you while you enjoy some delicious snacks by the fire. 

Each pack has a set of 600 funny, interesting questions. There are no age boundaries for these questions so that the entire family can enjoy it. 

Additionally, it comes in nice portable packaging; hence carrying it around won’t be an issue.

Nice quality cards to last for years.Illustrations on cards could have made them more interesting.
Each set has 600 questions.
Portable packaging.

Verdict: Kids Against Maturity Card Game for Kids is a thoughtful Christmas gift for teens. These cards can be enjoyed by the entire family and friends.

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#8. Hyperlocal Complete Gift Set for Teen Boys

Hyperlocal Complete Gift Set for Teen Boys

The Hyperlocal gamer gift box is a dream hamper box for teens who are obsessed with games and anything related to the gaming theme. 

The kit has fun and essential items. It includes a stainless steel tumbler. It’s a double-wall insulated tumbler that keeps your drink cold or hot for hours. 

Moreover, the hamper includes gaming socks and a hat. The socks and hat are made from premium quality cotton fabric that is supremely comfortable. 

This Chino Twill hat has an embroidered front and a poly mesh in the back. The snap closure provides a great fit, so prevent keeping the cap in place.

Further, the socks have a flexible fit and a unisex design. Keychains and pop sockets are other trending things teens love to use, and they are included in the gift hamper as well. 

The LED keychain is super durable. Further, the laser-engraved pop socket provides a perfect grip so that you can use your phone with a single hand. Also, the pop socket sticks well with most plastic phone cases.

Great quality products.Some complain that the socks fit a bit tight.
Innovative designs.
Unisex designs.

Verdict: The Hyperlocal My Gamer Gift Box is one of the best gift hampers for young teens. It includes all useful items that are of great quality and tending as well.

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#9. GoPro HERO11 Waterproof Camera for Teenage Guys

GoPro HERO11 Waterproof Camera for Teenage Guys

If you’re looking for cool christmas gifts for teenage guys, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is the ultimate thing to get. Teens are all about capturing videos and photos, and GoPro is the best camera at current times. 

Especially if your teen is into vlogging and wants to start a YouTube channel soon, you can surprise him/her with the GoPro Hero 11 this Christmas. 

It’s the best camera for adventure-seeking teens. It comes with a multilayer hydrophobic coating making it waterproof. 

Moreover, its scratchproof technology protects the camera from scratches making it compatible with carrying rough treks and rides. 

Also, the magnetic attachment feature allows you to attach filters easily to the lenses. And to keep your camera protected, it comes with a compact, high-quality metal case.

Waterproof and scratch proof.A bit expensive.
Ultra-low reflection rates.
Free carry case.

Verdict: If budget is not a restraint for you, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is a really cool gift for teenagers. The GoPro 11 has come with enhanced features to provide better quality along with durable build quality.

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#10. Razer Kishi iPhone Gaming Controller for Teenagers

Razer Kishi iPhone Gaming Controller for Teenagers

Is your teenage kid begging you for a gaming console, but the price does not allow you to get one? Then get the Razer Store Kishin mobile controller. 

This mobile controller works exactly like a console and lets you enjoy video games without any interruption. 

The controller is compatible with leading cloud gaming services like- Stadia, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Amazon Luna, Steam Link, and other similar services. 

It lets you play popular mobile games like- Call Of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, Brawlhalla, Genshin Impact, and more. 

The controller has clickable analog thumbsticks for better accuracy. Also, the d-Pad and performance buttons let you enjoy the smoothest gaming experience. 

Moreover, the ergonomic design provides a proper grip for comfortable play. It won’t hurt your hands even during long playing sessions. 

Further, the USB Type C charging port makes it compatible with all updated adapters. This mobile controller works with iPhone X, 11, 12, 13, and 13 Max. And the best part is you’ll get one-month free xCloud, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Luna, and Stadia.

Works similar to a gaming console.Only for iPhone users.
Compatible with all popular cloud and mobile games.
User-friendly operation and cool design.

Verdict: The Razer Store Kishi Mobile Controller For iOS is best for teens who love playing video games. It’s a budget-friendly mobile controller that feels just like a gaming console.

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#11. Eicaus 12″ RGB Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

Eicaus 12 RGB Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

It’s the age of Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels, and a ring light is a must-have for the purpose. Teens are obsessed with making short videos in trending music, so they would love to receive the ring light as a Christmas gift. 

This Eicaus Store RGB right light is equipped with advanced features like- touchpad control and USB charging, and it works with almost all devices like mobile, laptops, cameras, power banks, AC adapters, and more. 

The warm, cool and neutral white light modes provide the best brightness. Also, there are ten brightness levels and 12 RGB color effects, which are best for making creative videos. 

Further, there are monochromatic, dynamic, and playful color modes. It comes with a wireless pocket remote. So you can change the light color and brightness level from where you’re standing. 

It has a flexible stick for users with varying heights. Overall, this ring light has everything you need to make the perfect videos.

Multiple brightness levels.The stick could have been more robust.
12 RGB color effects.
Touchpad control.

Verdict: The Eicaus Store 12 RGB Ring Light is on every teenager’s Christmas wishlist. It’s a cool gift idea to surprise teenagers this festive season.

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#12. Rossetta Galaxy Projector with Bluetooth Speaker for Teens

Rossetta Galaxy Projector with Bluetooth Speaker for Teens

Star or galaxy projectors are another trending room decor item teens love. The Rossetta Store projector instantly transforms your room into a starlight sky. 

But the interesting part is it’s not just a simple star projector; this device works as a white noise machine and a Bluetooth speaker as well. This upgraded version of the projector features a dual projection lens. 

Now it can not only transform the project starlight effect but can also show effects of the Northern light with its 16 color effects. 

And with the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can sync the night effect with suitable music. Additionally, the white noise machine comes with eight different pre-installed soothing music for a relaxing feeling and makes you fall asleep instantly. 

This aurora light comes with a remote control to turn on/off lights, adjust brightness, change music, lighting mode, speed, and more; it also has an auto turn-off mode. Once set, it will turn the light off in one or two hours.

Three features in one projector.The auto turn-off only has one or two-hour timer options.
Provides advanced technologies like an auto turn-off, different color effects, and more.
Dural lens.

Verdict: The Rossetta Store Galaxy Projector is a budget-friendly projector with great features, multiple lighting effects, and Bluetooth compatible speaker. It’s best for teens who love to make Pinterest-worthy rooms.

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#13. LECLSTAR 50 LED Photo Hanging Clips String with Remote Function

LECLSTAR 50 LED Photo Hanging Clips String with Remote Function

Youngstars, especially teens, love creating aesthetically pleasing rooms, and LED string lights are an important addition to them. 

If you’re confused about what to give your teenage daughter this Christmas, the LECLSTAR LED photo hanging clip string is a great thing to consider. 

This LED string has eight different lighting modes allowing you to create flash, slow fade, waves, twinkle, and more; the light string is 17 feet long which will cover a large area. 

Further, each light bulb has transparent clips letting you clip polaroid photos or other small objects. You can arrange the light strings any way you like to create a perfect photo corner in your space. 

The LED lights are high-quality that will last for years; hence it’s worth considering items to give this Christmas. 

High-quality and long LED light strip.Some complain that the strings are not very strong.
Different lighting modes.
Transparent clips for hanging photos.

Verdict: Teenagers who like creative decor pieces would love the LECLSTAR Store Photo Hanging Clips String. It’s a unique room decor item with great quality.

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#14. Philips Norelco Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Shaver for Teenage Boys

Philips Norelco Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Shaver for Teenage Boys

An electric shaver is another cool stuff to get teenagers for Christmas. This gifting item is especially for boys. 

This high-quality Philips shaver provides the smoothest shave without causing skin irritation. The special protective coating glides the trimmer perfectly and prevents bumps, redness, or irritation. 

The ultra-smooth blades provide 90,000 cuts per minute for the closest shave. Additionally, the shaver is suitable for both fry shaving and wet or foam shaving. 

The Li-ion battery allows up to 20 shaves with a full charge or if you are in a hurry, charge the shaver for just five minutes for a quick shave. 

Lastly, it has a 360-degree contour head which can adjust according to your face shape and prevents chances of cuts.

Powerful yet smooth blades for close shaving.Build quality could have been better.
Great battery life.
Flexible contour head.

Verdict: The Philips Norelco Shaver is one of the fancy gifts to give teenage boys for Christmas. The trimmer provides fast and clean shaving, great battery life, and is easier to use as well.

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Final Thoughts!

I hope this extensive list of cool Christmas gifts for teenage guys gave you lots of gift ideas for Christmas. Today’s teenagers live in the era of social media, so they want trending things. 

Girls like aesthetic things like decor pieces and accessories, and boys love tech products. Considering their interests, I have added trending items to the list, and I’m sure these ideas of cool Christmas gifts for teenage guys would win kids hearts.

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