Bursting Period Myth For Teenagers -Get Your Teen Daughter Ready For Her First Period

Talking freely about menstruation or period has always been an uncomfortable topic in the house. How often do you talk to your daughter about periods and teach her the dos and don’ts? Have you realized that busting period myths for teenagers are crucial? 

We are never vocal about periods, their symptoms, and what to do when your girl starts her menstruation cycle. It is because we are either uncomfortable talking about it openly or don’t consider it a subject of discussion. 

But you must realize that it’s better to teach your daughter about what to expect from her first menstruation and how to deal with it. So that she does not feel anxious if she gets her period in school or outside the home. 

Here I’ll cover everything related to menstruation cycles, such as what is the right age, how to get your teen girl ready for her first period, and everything surrounding it to make it a pleasant experience for her.

Busting Teenage Period MythsHow to Get Your Teen Daughter Ready for Periods?

As a mother, you already know that hitting puberty involves many physical changes. The first period is definitely difficult , but you can ease your teen daughter into it by explaining things about periods and how to handle them gracefully. 

Let’s first talk about period symptoms that your daughter should be aware of-

Physical Changes

Discuss with your daughter the physical changes she will experience when she gets closer to hitting her first menstruation. 

The body parts start getting wider, and height and weight will increase. The most noticeable change that happens is the breast and nipple growth as well as the growth of pubic hair. 

Generally, breasts start growing two to three years before the period, but this can vary from person to person. Talk about all these changes without any hesitation. 

Experiencing little pain during breast growth is normal. Some might even feel a little lump. Inform your daughter everything about all these so that she is well aware of everything. 

Another change girls experience about six to eight months before the period is a change in vaginal fluid. It generally gets wetter and whitish, and the texture is thicker and more stretchy.

Talk About Period Supplies

Period supplies like- sanitary pads, tampons, cups, and period panties. Go shopping and explore them together. Making her familiar with these is essential before starting the period cycle so that she knows how to use them correctly. 

Parents always hesitate to buy period supplies in front of their children, but you should treat it as an everyday thing. Sometimes girls are not very comfortable wearing pads; therefore, you can also try period panties. 

Since your teen girl is going to start her menstruation cycle, treat her with a first-period kit to make her feel special. A period kit comes with all essential supplies along with special goodies that your daughter will surely love.

Teach Her How To Handle Period Logistics

Buying period supplies together isn’t enough. You have to teach her how to handle period logistics too. By period logistics, I mean teaching the correct way to wear and dispose of tampons, pads, or cups. 

Also, periods may come at any moment or anywhere- in school, in tuition, while she is playing, swimming, or doing any activity. 

Therefore carrying period essentials is a must. Having the first period outside your home is okay, as long as you have the supplies with you. 

The above are some of the basic things or changes to explain to your daughter. This information will make your teenage daughter more confident about menstruation, and she will be able to handle it without panicking. 

Apart from these, there are other things a teenage girl should know about periods. Keep reading to know them and discuss them with your daughter.

When Should A Teenage Girl Start Her Period?

Girls generally start getting periods between the age of 9 to 12 years. This is the age of hitting puberty when different physical changes take place, and girls start their menstruation cycle. 

But the time may vary for everyone. When a girl starts her menstruation cycle depends a lot on genetics, hormonal changes, diet, physical activities, etc.

Why Is My Teenage Daughter Not Getting Her Period?

I know mothers feel anxious if their daughters don’t get it while most of their friends have started their menstruation cycle. 

But not getting a period does not necessarily mean there is any issue with your girl. Starting the period cycle depends a lot on hormones, weight, stress, physical activities, etc.

Being underweight or overweight could be a reason for not starting periods. Other reasons for late periods may include eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, illness or stress, etc. 

Moreover, if your daughter is very athletic, it may get difficult for her to start period cycles until she stops exercising for a while. 

I would recommend seeing a gynaecologist know the issue better and follow their advice.

How Often Does A Teenager Get Her Period?

Period usually comes in 4 to 5 weeks. Each cycle occurs in a gap of 28 to 30 days. But it may occur a little late or early. Again it depends on hormones, diet, and physical activities. 

Before a week of period, you’ll notice symptoms like pain in the back, lower abdomen, legs, and some experience mood swings, cravings, etc.

Why Would A Teenager Stop Having Periods?

Different health issues lead to irregular periods in teens. One of the main reasons your teen daughter may stop having periods is amenorrhea. Under this condition, the period cycle may stop for three or more months. 

Some of the conditions that may lead to amenorrhea are- obesity, eating disorders, excessive exercise, thyroid, ovulation problems, etc. 

Seeing a doctor is a must if your daughter is experiencing irregular periods. If ignored, it may lead to other health issues.

How Long Do Teenage Periods Last?

The teenage period lasts between four to seven days. The first period may last a little longer. The menstruation cycle after that is usually not longer than seven days. But the flow again varies from person to person based on health conditions, diet, exercise, hormones, and more.

Do You Think Teenage Girls Should Be Allowed To Stay Home From School Because Of Period Cramps?

Period cramp is one of the worst things about menstruation. You can experience mild to severe cramps. If your teenage girl is going through intense pain, it’s best to let her stay at home. 

Such pain isn’t normal, and it’s best to see a doctor to seek remedies. But even the slight pain makes your daughter uncomfortable. It’s best to let her rest, treat her with some wholesome meals and use home remedies to cure the pain. 

Using a hot water bag, gel pad, or drinking warm water with some vitamins and minerals can provide relief.

How Do I Get Rid Of Period Cramps At School?

Periods may come anywhere; getting it in school is quite common for teenage girls. And period often comes with cramps. So how do you get rid of period cramps at school? 

There are the following things you can do to cure period cramps-

  • Drinking herbal tea and warm water during the day will keep those cramps away. Herbal teas like ginger tea, peppermint tea, and chamomile tea are helpful for period pain.
  • Carry dark chocolates with you. Pure dark chocolate has a high amount of magnesium which helps relax muscles and ultimately helps ease out cramps.
  • Bananas, kale salad, and other foods that are rich in potassium also help with period cramps. Lack of potassium increases the chances of cramps; hence eating enough potassium-rich food like banana or kale is great for curing cramps.
  • Pack salmon and other sources of omega-3 in your daughter’s lunchbox. The high-inflammatory properties of omega-3 have the ability to ease menstrual pain.
  • Nowadays, there are cramp relief creams that also help get rid of period pain. If the home remedies and foods I suggested aren’t helping, you can carry the pain relief cream to your school.

The above are some of the remedies you can discuss with your daughter. Teaching these tips is essential so that she knows the right method to get rid of the pain.

How To Educate Dad And Son About Daughter’s Periods?

One of the common myths about the period is that the male members of the family shouldn’t know about it. For instance, we always avoid discussing menstruation with our father and brothers and any other male members. 

Being aware of the physical and emotional changes their daughter or sister goes through will help them treat their daughter or sister better. They can treat her with some chocolates, give her some goodies or take extra care. 

You should discuss with your husband and son what your daughter may go through during her periods, like cramps, mood swings, cravings, etc. 

Also, telling them the age their girl might start her menstruation cycle is essential so that everybody stays prepared. Furthermore, you should ask them to buy period supplies to do away with any discomfort regarding such stuff.

How To Make Her Feel Good During Periods?

It’s essential to take care of your daughter during periods. Coping up with school, studies, homework, and other activities already make teenagers’ life very hectic. 

On top of that, experiencing periods for teen girls is a lot. While you cannot stop the cycle or the pain that comes with it, you can certainly make her feel good with some goodies or gift boxes. 

If it’s your daughter’s first period, you can give her her first menstruation gift boxes, treat her with a delicious meal, or give her chocolates.

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Final Thoughts

Talking about periods has always been an uncomfortable topic. Now is the time to bust the myths around periods, discuss it openly with your daughter, and also discuss it with the male members of the family as well.

I hope these details have helped you learn more about how to prepare your daughter for this big change in her life and make pleasant experiences for her without any fear, anxiety, or discomfort.


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