Best Young Teenage Panties

Shopping for the best young teenage panties sounds basic, but it takes much more effort. The underwear you choose for teens should be comfortable and doesn’t ride up; digging into hips and waistband should not be pinching. A style statement is another key factor in deciding the best panties for teenage boys and girls. The confidence she gains wearing right-fitting underwear is next level.

With lots of designs, and styles types of teenage panties available, choosing one that supports the booty, is comfortable, and looks cute can be stressful. So, I’ve selected a few of the best teenage underwear brands that match your requirements. Let’s look at reviews to find the best panties for your teens.

Best Young Teenage Panties / Underwear

#1. ToBeInStyle No Panty Line Underwear for Teenage Girls

ToBeInStyle No Panty Line Underwear for Teenage Girls

The undies are made with soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric for great comfort. Plus, the fabric ensures good moisture-wicking capacity keeping your girl dry and comfortable all day. Its seamless fitting and no-see-through design makes them perfect to wear under skirts, jeans, trousers, and leggings. 

The comfy elastic band provides a snug and hug fitting; it doesn’t roll down even if your teen girl wears it longer. Moreover, the underwear provides optimal coverage to the butt area and has a wider crotch. The fabric is very lightweight and extremely skin-friendly; your teen girls love to wear it. You get a pack of 6 beautiful colored panties for lazy laundry girls. The panties are hand-wash safe and avoid not to bleach panties.

Lightweight fabric and comfortable.Sizing issues are observed, so consider the size chart before purchasing.
No-visible lines.
Great fitting and moisture wicking.
Multiple sizes and designs are available.


The pack of 6 colorful panties is great for junior teenage girls. If you’re a weekend laundry person, this set is necessary for your teen daughters. Fabric is soft, lightweight, and has no see-through design, making it ideal for wearing under all dresses. Moreover, you get multiple designs and print options for your daughter and budget buy. I highly recommend it for the whole day’s comfort of your teen girl.

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#2. Fruit of the Loom Tag Free Cotton Brief Underwear for Teens

Fruit of the Loom Tag Free Cotton Brief Underwear for Teens

If you want young teen panties for your sweet girl with extra softness and breathability, these brief underwear multipacks are essential to add to the collection. The brief has been designed with 100% cotton fabric that is soft, durable, and absorbs moisture quickly. The fabric has a good stretch for classic fitting, and a wider brief ensures good coverage to the back. 

Moreover, the panties have a pull-on closure design that helps to keep the undies in their place for all-day comfort. The travel-free waistband doesn’t cause skin irritation, and soft fabric-covered legs prevent the rolling of undies. The package has beautiful prints and solid fashionable designs, surely going to be your teen girl’s favorite pack.

Machine wash safe.Fabric may shrink, so consider one size big.
Value for money pack of 20 briefs.
Pull-on closure design for excellent coverage.
Plush extra soft fabric for all-day comfort.


The brief underwear set is excellent for your teen’s whole day’s comfort. Plus, the beautiful colored prints and cotton-based fabric are surely loved by teens having itchy skin.  The panties offer great coverage to the butt region and have a thicker waistband that holds panties in their place. Overall, the briefs are great to wear under all kinds of dresses as they provide good coverage to the butt and control the tummy.

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#3. Hanes Cotton Knit Tagless Hipster Panties for Toddlers

Hanes Cotton Knit Tagless Hipster Panties for Toddlers

This panty set is ideal for toddlers and girls below the age of 10 years. The undies are made with 100% cotton making them extremely skin-friendly. The fabric is super soft and breathable; your teen girl can carry it easily all day.  The cotton has good moisture-wicking capacity keeping your teens cool and dry. Moreover, the fabric provides a good stretch for rigorously active teens and supports natural body movement. 

Moreover, the pull-on closure provides snuggly fitting, and non-binding prevents riding up the panty in its place. Also, the classic briefs stylish provide full coverage from the front and back. The value-for-money pack includes 6 pairs of colorful assorted and printed underwear.

Pre-shrunk design that stays true to the size.Only for girls below 12 years of age.
Non-dining leg bands to prevent ride-ups.
Complete coverage to the hip and front.
Cotton goodness for ultimate comfort.


Hanes Girls and Toddler underwear are perfect for younger teens below the age of 12 years. The pack includes 6 briefs in beautiful colors and prints; your teens surely loved these undies. Above all, the panties are made with cotton fabric that is perfect for everyday comfort. The underwear for teens provides complete coverage to the hips. Overall, I would suggest purchasing this value-for-money pack for teens’ comfort.

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#4. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Hipster Underwear for Young Teens

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Hipster Underwear for Young Teens

Calvin Klein is ideal for mommies who need super-soft, tag-free briefs for their teen daughters. Made with 95% cotton, the fabric is breathable, durable, and quickly absorbs moisture. It comes with a thick, soft elastic waistband that doesn’t cause skin irritation and helps to keep panties on the spot.  The hipster underwear has a pull-on closure design for optimal hip coverage and good fitting.

Besides this, it provides a great stretch to support body movement and ensure complete comfort. The hipster underwear comes in solid colors with a brand tag. Moreover, the panties are machine wash safe, and you can easily wash them with mild detergent and air dry them.

Highly absorbent fabric.It is pricier.
Pull-on closure design for good fitting.
Elasticized design for comfort.
Cotton gusset.


Calvin Klein kids modern hipster underwear is great for your teens’ whole day’s comfort. The fabric is super soft and has great stretch. Moreover, the hipster brief has a thick elastic band that prevents ride-up and good coverage to the back. The pack is great for the teenage group 12-14.

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#5. Jessica Simpson Teenage Girl Underwear Set

Jessica Simpson Teenage Girl Underwear Set

The brief set is made with 100% super soft cotton fabric for maximum comfort for young teen girls. The fabric also provides great moisture absorption to keep your daughter dry and fresh the whole day. Even after many washes, the premium quality fabric keeps its softness, color, and shape. Its tagless design ensures itch-free wear and great comfort for the whole day.

It comes with a pull-on closure design for secure fitting and optimal coverage. Moreover, it comes with a thick, soft elastic waistband for a super-fitting experience. The hipster brief provides complete coverage of the butt. The panty set is available in different sizes and features cute solid and print accent contrasting surely become your teen’s favorite.

100% cotton fabric for itch-free wear.Thin fabric doesn’t last longer.
Machine wash safe.
Durable stitching and great for girls ages 4-16 years.
Thick elastic waistband for snugly fitting.


With great variants of colors and designs, this panty set for girls is a must to add to the wardrobe. The pack of 10 panties is made with 100% cotton making it extremely skin-friendly. A wider brief back provides good coverage to the body. The only downside is fabric is quite thin in comparison to other underwear. This would be a value saver pack of 10 panties for regular use.

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#6. INNERSY Teenage Girls Period Underwear for First Period Starter

INNERSY Teenage Girls Period Underwear for First Period Starter

The beginning of the menstrual cycle is quite messy for teenage girls. If you’re looking for teenage period underwear that provides extra protection, INNSERSY big girl’s period panties are good. The period panties are cotton and have a dark lining that helps hold period blood longer. This panty period is extremely stretchy, allowing complete comfort while running and moving.

It wicks moisture quickly to keep your teen dry and breathable. Moreover, the tag-less design ensures rash-free wear and doesn’t cause any irritation. The thick crotch area is nicely designed to protect teenagers from the embarrassment of leakage. The assorted brief design provides complete coverage of the hip region. Plus, period underwear is perfect for 8-16 years old girls.

Easy to wash.Not recommended for girls to have a heavy flow.
Hold menstrual flow up to two tampons.
Breathable and durable.
Good stretch.


If you want comfortable undies for your teens that ensure leakage protection during menstruation, this period panties set are good to invest in. Made with complete cotton fabric and has wider dark linings that hold period blood up to two tampons. I suggest using these period panties with tampons, menstrual cups, or pads for better protection.

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#7. Popular Soft Cotton Panties for Teen Girls

Popular Soft Cotton Panties for Teen Girls

These classic hipster panty sets are excellent for the all-day comfort of your teens. The undies are made with 95% soft cotton and spandex for rash-free wearing. The pinch-free thin elastic waistband provides a snuggly fitting without feeling tight. Moreover, there are no trimming tags inside the waistline that irritate. 

This basic underwear has been designed keeping everyday style in mind. Its hipster style and breathable fabric make this a perfect blend of comfort and coverage. You get a pack of 5 or 6 cotton panties in different pastels, colors, and designs. If you’re concerned about style and comfort, these could be perfect hipster panties for lovely teens.

Super soft and comfortable.Cotton may shrink, so consider one size bigger.
Tag-free design to prevent itchiness.
Great coverage and optimal fitting.
A wide range of designs and sizes are available.


The hipster panties are great for little girls, teens, and young teen girls. The fabric is soft and stretchy to support natural body movement. This bikini-style panty provides complete coverage to the butt and ensures snugly fitting. Moreover, you get a pack of multiple panties, making it value for money. Though cotton may shrink so consider having bigger underwear sets.

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Q. What age should young teenagers start wearing panties?

A. These days, most teen girls get their first period by the age of 11-14 years. Therefore, young teens should start wearing panties by the age of 8-10 years.

Q. How often should young teenage panties be washed?

A. Ideally, teenage panties should be washed regularly after use. This helps to maintain hygiene and prevent bacterial infection. You can wash your teenage panties with mild detergent and Luke warm water.

Q. What is the best material for young teenage panties?

A. Cotton fabric is ideal for young teenage panties. The cotton fabric is easy to clean and doesn’t cause itchiness, skin, or rashes. Moreover, it absorbs moisture quickly to keep you dry.

Q. Should parents be concerned about their child’s choice of panties?

A. Parents should be concerned about their children’s choice of panties. This helps to develop the styling sense and express their comfort level. It also helps to encourage kids’ opinions, but as parents, you should ensure the fabric your teen chooses doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Q. How can I make sure young teenage panties fit properly?

A. Measure the teen’s waistline and butts before purchasing panties. Also, ensure that panties don’t fit too tight and support motion. For better fitting, consider the size charts to ensure panties fit properly.

Q. Can wearing the wrong type of panties impact mental health?

A. Wearing an uncomfortable or wrong type of panties can invite several health issues, such as bacterial infections and vaginal irritation. Moreover, if the panties don’t fit appropriately or the fabric causes irritation, your teen might feel mentally restless and irritated.

Q. Should young teenagers be allowed to wear thongs?

A. Thongs may not be appropriate for teens. Some parents don’t prefer thongs for teens as they do not provide coverage properly and may not be comfortable initially. However, if they feel comfortable wearing those thongs, the ultimate decision is on teenage girls.

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Bottom Line

In a nutshell, teen underwear has to be relaxing, comfortable, breathable, and stretchable. The above-listed young teenage panties have everything you need to comfort your teens. Before making a purchase decision, consider the size chart to find the best-fitting underwear. Get one size bigger if you purchase cotton-based underwear for teens.


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