Best Smartwatch for Teenager

Smartwatches aren’t just limited to adults, it’s a family thing now. And that’s why more and more teenagers are now considering this smart gadget. From answering calls to tracking their fitness levels, teenagers can do a lot of things that keep them busy and, most importantly, make them smart. 

However, choosing the best smartwatch for teenager is a thing most parents find daunting. This article is all about amazing smartwatches for your teenage boy and girl. The post rounds up the top-selling watches that teens prefer. Also, most wearables we’ve listed are affordable and fit kids between 13-19 years old.

Best Smartwatch for Teenager Boys and Girls

Quick Summary:

Best Overall: "Apple Watch SE" - "An amazing smartwatch for teenagers that lets them attend calls, read texts, and do a lot more. It also tracks every activity and offers precise details. Multiple colors are available for stylish teenagers”. 

Most Loved:  "Amazfit" - “A sleek and lightweight smartwatch that’s perfect to wear throughout the day. Equipped with plenty of features, this watch has a long-lasting battery and is suitable for teenagers of all ages”.

Budget Pick: "Dirrelo" - “A beautiful budget smartwatch with multiple useful features like sleep tracking, SPO2 monitoring, and more. It works well with Android and iOS devices and has a bigger touchscreen that teenagers love”. 

Comparison of Smartwatches for Teens

Product NameBattery LifeScreen SizeWaterproofGPSParental
Dirrelo10+ days1.69inchIP68
YesYesYesAndroid, iOS
Blackview10 days1.3 inch5ATMYesNoYesAndroid, iOS
Apple watch SEUpto 14 hours40 mm50 mYesYesYesiPhone
Cubitt5-7 days1.4 inchIP68YesNoYesAndroid, iOS
Amazfit Bip U Pro9 days1.43 inch5ATMYesYesYesAndroid, iOS
Garmin Forerunner 359 days1 inch5ATMYesYesYesAndroid, iOS
Fitbit Inspire 210 days0.7 inchIP68YesYesYesAndroid, iOS
FACOI4 days1.69inchIP67NoNoYesAndroid, iOS

Why Should Teenagers Use Smart Watches ?

For some smartwatches for teenagers are just a gimmick, but these smart wearables have become more than just a trend. Nowadays, smartwatches for teens come loaded with essential features that can improve your kid’s lifestyle, while entertaining them. Below-listed are some reasons why every teen should own a smartwatch.

Better Health

Modern smartwatches for kids have features such as SPO2 monitoring that can help parents track shortness of breath in their teens. Also, parents can track the menstrual cycle of their daughters. Most of these watches can sync data to the parent’s phone connected to them.

Help with the Schedule

Teenagers have a lot to do including going to classes, working out, and extra classes after school, so it is obvious to miss out on something. However, a smartwatch will remind your kid about his schedule. Parents can also set reminders so their kids don’t forget anything.


Reading texts, taking calls, and responding to important messages can be done with a smartwatch, so teens don’t have to rely on their phones. Wearing a smartwatch makes your kid’s life more convenient. 


Teens love stylish things, and what can be better than a smartwatch. Your kid can flaunt his new gadget among his friends, and that’s a great way to socialize.

Which Things you need to Check When Buying Teens Smartwatch

Below is a list of factors parents and teens should consider when buying the best smartwatch for teens. 


If your kid owns an iOS device, it would be great to choose a watch that’s compatible with iOS. The same is the case with Android. There are a lot of smartwatches that work well with iOS as well and Android phones.

Battery Life

Teenagers usually have a hectic schedule, so considering a watch with a long-lasting battery is a wise choice. 

Built-in Features

There are plenty of features that these smartwatches offer, such as built-in sports modes, alarms, sleep tracking, SPO2 monitoring, and more. Choosing these features is a personal preference and depends on the teen’s requirements.


A smartwatch for teenagers should be highly durable to withstand regular wear and tear. All the watches listed in this article are perfect for teens.


A good smartwatch for teens should not cost hundreds of dollars, and starting with an affordable watch is the best choice. This article has a smartwatch for every budget.

Let’s get started..

#1. Dirrelo Waterproof Smart Watch for Teenagers

Dirrelo Waterproof Smart Watch for Teenagers

The Dirrelo Smart Watch is an ideal choice to begin with if it is your kid’s first smartwatch. The watch is pretty affordable and easily integrates with Android or iPhone, so there is no need to upgrade. In addition, the interface is easy to understand, and any teenager can quickly figure out how this watch works.

Modern kids prefer style, and this cool watch for teenage guys has got a stylish square dial. The strap also looks sporty and offers a snug fit. Teenagers that are into fitness and kind of sports activities can use the built-in sports modes to track their fitness.

All the data that the watch gathers gets synced to the connected phones, so kids can share it with their coaches or track their performance. The high-end sensor tracks everything precisely, but the results are not as good as you get with Garmin and Apple Watches.

Your kid also gets a punch of entertainment since the watch lets him control music on the go. Weather updates are also pretty accurate, and teenagers can plan if stepping out of the house will be a great option or not. 

Since teenagers have a hectic schedule, this watch cuts down the hassles of charging. A single charge can last around seven days, and on standby mode, the battery can last around 35 days. Lastly, the watch is waterproof, and teenagers that love swimming can keep wearing it. The teenager smartwatch even displays quick notifications for calls, texts, and more. Therefore, kids can quickly respond to important stuff without getting their smartphones out of their bags.

Easy to pair and use.The build quality could be better.
The silicone strap is gentle on the skin.It does not let kids make calls.
This watch tracks stress with precision.
Long-lasting battery.


Dirrelo Smart Watch is a suitable smartwatch for teenager that need an easy-to-use and comfortable smartwatch. This best watch for teenagers tracks sleep and activities and displays quick push notifications offering a complete package any teens would need. Lastly, it comes in a range of colors, including pink, white, black, and more.

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#2. Blackview Touch Screen Smart Watch for Teens

Blackview Touch Screen Smart Watch for Teens

Teenagers searching for an affordable and comfortable smartwatch should consider Blackview Smart Watch. The watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and the interface is easy to navigate through, so kids without a lot of technical know-how can also use it.

The built-in sports modes and high-precision sensors make it perfect for kids involved in fitness activities. Though, the watch does not select a sports mode automatically, so the teenagers have to do it themselves. 

The screen is pretty big, and kids that prefer a bigger-looking watch will find it a good choice. Your beloved kid can also take it to swim, as the watch is waterproof up to 5ATM. In addition, the built-in features like calendar and alarm ensure the user does not miss his schedule. 

Talking about comfort, the silicone strap is gentle to the kid’s skin and does not lead to irritations and allergies. Teens that experience shortness of breath  can utilize the SPO2 levels. Also, parents can monitor their kid’s blood oxygen levels from time to time. However, the precision is not as accurate as Apple Watches.

When synced to a smartphone, the watch shows quick alerts, text messages, WhatsApp alerts, and even incoming calls. Another reason why teenagers and parents prefer this smartwatch is because of its battery life. A single charge can last around 45 days on the standby mode and ten days on full usage.

Lastly, the Blackview Smart Watch comes in a range of colors, including black, pink, and more, so kids that prefer style can consider this smart wearable.

Fully waterproof and durable.The interface could be a little better.
Advanced sensors for accurate results.The silicone straps are flimsy.
It tracks sleep automatically.
Built-in exercise modes.


Blackview Smartwatch is for teens looking for an affordable as well as a feature-loaded smartwatch. The touch response is good, and the watch is ideal for wearing throughout the day. Lastly, the battery lasts pretty long, and teenagers don’t have to worry about charging it every day.

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#3. Apple Watch SE GPS Smartwatch for Teenager

Apple Watch SE GPS Smartwatch for Teenager

If budget is not a bar, and you are looking to put money into a super-smart wearable, Apple Watch SE is worth consideration. The watch pairs well with an iOS device and offers quick notifications for all types of alerts. Teens can even attend calls on the GPS model when paired with a smartphone for more convenience.

There are plenty of built-in features, including multiple sports modes making it perfect for active kids. Also, the watch features calendars, notes, and a calculator and even lets the user control music without getting hands on the phone.

If your kid prefers accurate monitoring of steps and calories burned, the Apple Watch SE is a nice choice. Operating the watch is easy, and there are tons of watch faces on offer, so teens that love to customize their wearable will surely find Apple Watch SE perfect for their needs.

In addition, charging this watch is convenient, and it merely takes an hour, so teens don’t have to change their schedules. However, when your kid keeps it connected to the phone, the battery can last around 15 hours only.

Parents can also track where their kid is as the watch has GPS. Also, Apple lets the user share their fitness data with other users, so teens can let their parents and coaches know about their performance.

The 40mm version is perfect Apple Watch for teenagers, and teens with a big body stature can also consider the 44mm version. Apple also offers SE in multiple colors.

The Retina display is super-smooth.A bit expensive.
Fully water and dust resistant.Does not work well with Android OS.
This is a comfortable smartwatch.
Easy to customize.


Teenagers that need a stylish and fully-functional smartwatch with loads of features can consider Apple Watch SE. The watch is comfortable, easy to use, and has multiple built-in sports modes. Also, the customizable watch face makes it a favorite choice among teens.

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#4. Cubitt Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Teens

Cubitt Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Teens

Delicate smartwatches are not a good option for teenagers, so we recommend Cubitt Jr Smart Watch. The smartwatch is encased into a silicone strap to absorb the bumps and dings, therefore, this smartwatch will last longer.

Parents looking to induce good habits in their kids can use functionalities like alarms and calendars. Also, parents can turn on the sleep tracker to see how well their kid sleeps and for how much time. 

In addition, this sports watch for teenagers will also track activities such as walking, and running, which are displayed on the screen with just one touch. Teens can easily learn using this watch, as the menu is easy to browse through. 

Activating the sports mode is a piece of cake, and your kids can activate any mode they want. As per several teenagers, the heart rate as well as pedometer sensors are accurate, and the details can be used to track performance. 

Whether your kid uses an Android phone or an iOS device, they can easily connect to this smartwatch. However, some teenagers said the battery life is average, and it only lasts around 5-7 days, so have your kid carry the charging cable. 

As teenagers spend more time using the watch, the brightness adjustment feature helps a lot. Teens can adjust the brightness on the go to prevent eye strain. Lastly, the silicone band is hypoallergenic and offers a snug fit. There are several holes on the strap, so this watch remains secure on a teen’s wrist.

It shows text and call alerts.Battery life is not that impressive.
Amazing functions for kids.The watch is a bit heavy.
This watch has brain intelligence games.
It can induce good habits in your kids.


Teens and parents that prefer a durable smartwatch will find Cubitt Jr Smart Watch a good choice. The watch can easily withstand bumps and dings. Also, it is waterproof, therefore, teenagers can wear it while swimming. The watch also comes in multiple colors, and stylish teens can flaunt it among their friends.

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#5. Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch for Teenager with Alexa

Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch for Teenager with Alexa

Some teens prefer a lightweight watch that they can wear throughout the day, and that’s why Amazfit Bip U Pro is here on this list. As the watch is easy to operate, the users won’t struggle with it. No matter if your kid owns an iOS device or an Android phone, they can connect this watch on the go.

The data syncs quickly using the mobile app, and kids can access everything on this watch. From setting alarms to reading texts and rejecting calls, the watch offers maximum convenience. 

It is also ideal for teenagers that are conscious of their breath cycle and want to track SPO2 levels from time to time. Furthermore, the watch has a big screen with amazing touch response, so your kids won’t get fed up with this smart wearable.

A lot of teenagers also need a smartwatch with a long-lasting battery, and the Amazfit Bip U Pro is a worthy option. A single charge can last around nine days, even when the user keeps it connected to his phone.

There are more than 60 built-in sports modes, and teens can quickly switch between running, jogging, and swimming depending on the activities they are interested in. We asked some teenagers why they prefer Amazfit Bip U Pro, and a lot of them said it’s because of the built-in Alexa.

Your kid can use voice commands to set alarms and to check the weather forecast for added convenience. The watch has some extra features as well, including sleep tracking and stress level monitoring that most parents would be interested in.

Teens also love this smartwatch because of the 50 attractive watch faces, and some also support animation. 

Lastly, the watch has a hypoallergenic band, and even teens with sensitive skin can wear this smartwatch.

Easy to set up and use.The touch response could be better.
Long-lasting battery.The mobile app has glitches.
It shows quick notifications for added convenience.
Fully waterproof and even tracks swimming.


Amazfit Bip U Pro is for teens that need a smartwatch with several sports modes. Also, the watch tracks swimming laps and lets teenagers track their fitness levels. The choice of colors makes it a stylish option among trendy teens.

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#6. Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Smartwatch for Teenagers

Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Smartwatch for Teenagers

Teenagers that want to track even the minutest of details when working out or during a sports event should choose Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner. This watch is very popular among teens that are into activities like running and sprinting. The pedometer sensor is highly accurate, and kids/parents can track everything just with a tap on the screen.

Pairing this smart wearable with iOS and Android is easy, and even teens around the age of 13 can do it quickly. The strap has multiple holes, and the watch snuggles around the teen’s wrist, tracking the heart rate precisely. 

In addition, this Garmin smartwatch for teenagers offers advanced tracking for teens that play sports on national levels and want to track every single detail. Kids that are into such activities have less time to charge the watch, and therefore, Garmin has made sure the battery lasts longer.

A single charge lasts around nine days in watch mode, and in training mode, it lasts around 13 hours because all sensors get activated. We asked teenagers and their coaches, and they said this smartwatch deserves 10/10 in terms of durability.

Sweat and splashes won’t damage it, so kids don’t have to get it off their hands any time. The display is big enough for any teen but does not offer colors, which can be disappointing for some users.

Lastly, the wide strap keeps the smartwatch secure, and it remains secure in place, tracking every detail, including the number of steps and calories, with ultimate precision.

The watch automatically uploads data to Garmin Connect.It does not have a colorful display.
Coaches/parents can give fitness challenges to their kids.Not very stylish.
Smart notifications, including text and call alerts.
High-end heart rate tracking sensor.


Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35 is for teenagers that need a high-end fitness tracking device. There is plenty of sports mode in this watch, and teens can also check how many calories they have burned during the workout. Garmin offers it in four amazing color options.

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#7. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker for Tennagers

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker for Tennagers

We picked Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker for teenagers that prefer a sleek and lightweight watch. This is a combination of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch; therefore, teens don’t have to buy two devices. Fitbit offers this tracker with two bands, including S and L. The small band fits well for most teenagers, and kids with a big body stature can use the large band.

This advanced tracker keeps an eye on every activity the user does, and teenagers can see how many steps they’ve walked and the number of calories burned. The all-day activity tracking also makes it perfect for teens to be conscious of their health.

All the data that the tracker accumulates can be shared, and parents can see how their kids are doing. The touch screen is what teenagers will love and offers smooth gliding. If your kid hates charging the smartwatch every day, give them Fitbit Inspire 2. 

A single charge lasts around ten days, so carrying the charging cable is no more hassle for kids.  Fitbit offers a range of premium features with this watch, including active minute zones and some tools that improve sleep.

Parents can get a subscription to these tools to help their kid sleep better and enjoy tracking his activities. The silicone strap sits softly on the wrist and offers a snuggle fit. If your kid complains about the tight fit or his existing smartwatch, Fitbit Inspire 2 will be the best pick for him.

There’s a scratch-resistant coating on display, which improves the touch response as well. Stylish teens will surely love the color options Inspire two is available in, and your kid can also change the straps to his liking.

Sleek and lightweight.Teens cannot read notifications on the display.
It has a bigger button for ease of use.Some features require a subscription.
Precisely tracks steps and heart rate.
Parents can see their kid’s progress.


Fitbit Inspire 2 is a fitness tracker as well as a smartwatch that any teenager will love. The oval display is easy to read, and the watch is fully water-resistant. Your kids can earn badges after they complete a milestone, so this smartwatch will encourage them to do more.

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#8. FACOI Android Smartwatch for Teenage Guys

FACOI Smart watch for Teenage Guys

Teens that own an Android phone and want to make calls through their smartwatch should choose FACOI Smart Watch. It’s just like a mini smartphone on your wrist, and teenagers can do anything they want, from texting to reading chats.

This Android smartwatch for teenagers has got plenty of sports modes and sensors, therefore, teenagers that are into fitness can use these functions. As per several teens, the heart rate sensor is precise and reliable, so parents can rest assured about this smartwatch.

A lot of teens these days prefer bigger screens, and this watch has got it. The display is super-responsive and has a coating that resists scratches. With this watch, teenagers can do anything they want, including monitoring blood oxygen levels, tracking sleep, and controlling music.

Most teens these days love taking selfies, and this smartwatch, when connected to an Android phone, serves as a wireless remote. The built-in GPS helps parents track their kids, while the teens can even use it to calculate the distance they’ve covered.

If your kid sweats a lot and is into swimming, he can keep wearing this watch since it is entirely waterproof. A single charge lasts around 5-7 days, thus, kids don’t have to stress about charging it every day.

Lastly, the watch has a customizable watch face, and the bigger screen shows everything from steps walked to calories burned and more that teens want to check on the go.

It lets your kid control music and takes selfies with the phone.Does not work well with iOS devices.
Teens can take calls over this watch.The battery life could be better.
It tracks sleep as well as other activities.
Female teens can keep track of their menstrual cycle.


This smartwatch for teenagers is an ideal choice for users that want to take calls and track sports activities through their watch. Parents can also rest assured as it offers precise heart rate tracking and has GloryFit coaches/parents can use on their phones.

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We hope this list of the best smartwatch for teenagers has helped you choose an amazing wearable. Modern teenagers of all ages prefer smartwatches since they add convenience to their lives and are easy to use.

The top smartwatch for teenagers is Apple Watch SE since it offers everything a teen needs, from built-in sports modes to checking alerts and making calls.

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