Best Secret Santa Gifts for Teenagers

With the onset of winters, the excitement doubles up when it comes to celebrating Christmas
Eve and the New Year. There is no doubt; teenagers expect something unexpected from their
parents or elder ones especially on the eve of Christmas Day. It’s all about finding the best
secret Santa gifts for teenagers under $25 and making your kids feel special.

It is pretty common that we as parents may also get confused while having Christmas gifts ideas
for teenage guys
. To ease this situation, we have come up with some of the best secret Santa
gifts under $25. Let us have a look one by one: –

Best Secret Santa Gifts for Teenagers Under $25

#1. UNO Family Card Game Gift for 7 Year Olds and above

UNO Family Card Game Gift for 7 Year Olds and above

Who doesn’t love playing a game with their loved ones? Exactly, this Uno family card game makes an amazing gift suitable for 7 years and above teenage guys. This game can actually be categorised as one of the cool gifts for teenage guys to be gifted this Christmas. 

The family game for your teenage guy comes with 112 multi-coloured cards in a sturdy storage tin having paper material. Easy to learn and play, the game allows a maximum of 2-10 players. 

The game weighs around 5.9 ounces having 1.25*6.25*5.25 inches as its dimensions. 

Moreover, this strategy-based game is a fun, stress booster game that can be gifted to your special one on Christmas day.

It is travel- friendly.Addiction prone game.
It can be carried anywhere easily like on a trip.
A stress booster game.
Comes in a sturdy storage tin.


This UNO family card game is undoubtedly one of the best small gift ideas for teenage guys. So, if you are actually looking for an inexpensive Santa gift, this UNO card game is just a perfect pick.

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#2. HANPURE LED Flashlight Gloves Cool Gift for Teenage Guys

HANPURE LED Flashlight Gloves Cool Gift for Teenage Guys

If you think that the person to whom you are going to gift something special this Christmas, is a gadget lover, an avid traveller and he has just everything, this HANPURE LED Flashlight gloves is nothing more than just creative Santa gifts under $25. 

This gift pack comes with preinstalled batteries having 4 pieces of extra batteries, a storage pouch and a user manual. 

Moreover, this hands free battery operated flashlight gloves gift is super bright, easily stretchable, light weighted (1.76 ounces and something whose size fits the most. These exquisite features of the gloves make it an extremely unique gift idea for teenage guys. 

This battery powered LED flashlight gloves comes with premium Spandex, soft and stretchable yet more comfortable and quick dry material which makes it an easy pick for the parents to buy for gifting purposes. 

The item comes with 5.94*5.87*0.75 inches as dimensions and a minimum of 2 lithium metal batteries are enough to operate the flashlight. Moreover, the product also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Super bright.Battery gets discharged quickly, if used continuously for a long time.
Hands free.
Non- rechargeable.
Comes with 12 months warranty.
Stretchable, soft and comfortable.
Easily adjustable strap.


So, if you are looking for some secret Santa gift ideas for your teenage loved ones, the search almost ends here. For anyone who is a gadget and a tech lover, this can be just wonderful to give someone who has just everything but not this.

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#3. Karen Harris Secret Santa Gift Life Skills for Teens

Karen Harris Secret Santa Gift Life Skills for Teens

Being a responsible parent, you become accountable to let your children learn some etiquette and be responsible with the growing age. To make your teenage son/ daughter adopt some new habits, this can be one of the best things to get teenage guys for Christmas. 

These life skills for teens by Karen Harris will certainly make your child face some new challenges and tasks and be a responsible and active human being. Moreover, the day-to-day problems that we adults take for granted will also help them in solving them easily. 

With this book, you will actually see a massive change and difference in your child’s attitude and daily life when he/ she will get to know how to cook, manage money easily, fix the car, perform first aid and a lot more in between.

Makes your teenager responsible.It may be burdensome.
Helps in learning new life skills.
Let them learn to manage money and cooking, cleaning etc.


So, with a view to make your children learn some etiquette and be habitual of doing daily tasks that are important, gifting them this book can undoubtedly be categorised in the list of good secret Santa gifts.

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#4. KOOKIN Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror for Teenage Girls

KOOKIN Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror for Teenage Girls

Yet another secret Santa gifts for her, this lighted vanity makeup mirror will stun your daughter this Christmas day. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your daughter, you can undoubtedly go for this vanity touch screen makeup mirror having 16 LED Lights. 

This vanity makeup mirror has been beautifully designed with natural LED lights perfect for a clear makeup view and daily skin care routine. Moreover, you also get an option to adjust the brightness of the lights as per the requirement. 

Moreover, the 180 degree free rotation and adjustment feature of this mirror makes it an easy pick and a perfect product to be gifted on Christmas day. 

On the other hand, to operate this lighted mirror contentedly, double power supply consisting of USB and 4 AA batteries are required where only the USB cable is included with the mirror.

Last but not the least, the item is also suitable for home or can be taken anywhere while travelling.

Ideal and an essential product for bathroom.Lightning may stop working when used improperly.
Highly durable.
Led lights provide a clear view with bright reflection
It offers an adjustable brightness option.
180 degree free rotation.


On the whole, this is one of the best secret Santa gifts that can be gifted to your teenage daughter on Christmas day. Right from its light weighted feature to durability to ease of use, this can be a perfect gift.

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#5. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers Gift for Teenage Guys

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers Gift for Teenage Guys

With modern technology and advancement, the trend of being inked seems to be in vogue now-a-days. So, if you are aware that your loved one is fond of having tattoos, this BIC Body mark temporary tattoo markers for skin will just be an appropriate secret Santa gift.

The pack comes with 8 assorted colours of markers having a flexible brush tip. Having temporary tattoos on skin using these markers make it an easy pick for the buyers since the fear of being inked permanently is almost NIL. It further makes this product completely skin safe for everyone. 

With these tattoo markers, you can easily make any design you want after following any instruction or warning, if any. 

Though, these markers also come along with a warning to not use around your eyes and lips. However, it is also suggested to stop using it in the event of redness or irritation. 

Apart from this, this 8-piece plastic tattoos marker set has 2.95*3*0.22 inches as its dimensions and weighs around 0.01 ounces only.

Completely safe to skin.Not to be used around the eyes and lips area.
No side effects.
Get any design you want.
Bright and long lasting colours.


On the whole, these assorted 8 piece sets of tattoos markers offer you to have any design you want. Moreover, it also lets your teenage guy express himself on skin using these BIC temporary tattoo markers. So, why not give this amazing set to your special someone this Christmas and make him feel just remarkable.

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#6. Lenwi Jewelry Box Creative Secret Santa Gift

Lenwi Teenager Jewelry Box Secret Santa Gift Under $25

If you are looking for yet another secret Santa gift under $25, you have an amazing option in front of you to stun your girl this Christmas with this scintillating jewellery box. This 3 layer white coloured display jewellery box for teenagers is perfect for 7-10+ year old girls.  

Made up of polyester material, this polished round shape jewellery box is a good storage box suitable for jewellery storage purposes. Consisting of 3 layers, the topmost one covers 4 rows of ring holders, the second one covers 7 necklace hooks, 26 earring holes and the 3rd one covers 7 compartments for bracelets, hair accessories and much more. 

Moreover, this jewellery box is made up of superior quality and is highly durable. Being odourless, water- resistant and waterproof, it is also easy to make it dirt- free.

This China manufactured product is round in shape and has 9.25*7.83*7.83 inches as its dimensions and weighs around 1.54 pounds.

Last but not the least; you also get an opportunity to get access to a trouble- free solution in case you come across any issue in the jewellery box. The solution will be provided within 24 hours.

Unique design.No.
Best for storing jewellery.
Large capacity.
Partition storage.


On the whole, this jewellery box for girls is certainly a gift that you can’t put down. This way, it can undeniably be categorised in the list of the best secret Santa gifts. 

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#7. ZUYUROU Pillow Covers Christmas Gifts for Teenage Guys

ZUYUROU Pillow Covers Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

Yet another gift that you can think of when it comes to gifting a gamer on the Christmas occasion, this gamer gift for gamers is the right option. 

This velvet printed gift set for gamers include 1 soft fabric, 18*18 inches gaming pillow cover and 1 pair of funny gamer socks. 

Furthermore, this soft pillow cover has a spacious pocket which is nice enough to store remote controllers and consoles. 

On the other hand, the pillow cover is double side printed and the printed words on the front side are a great way to reserve their spot on the couch. However, the words printed on the back with a gaming sign image that says “don’t talk to me, I’ll die” looks great. 

Best for gifting purposes, this product can either be machine washed or hand washed. It comes with 9.45*9.45*0.47 inches as its dimensions and 5.3 ounces as its weight.

Offers front side with a big pocket.It may be alluring and addiction prone.
Soft and durable.
Best for gamers.


So, if you are looking for some funny secret Santa ideas, this gamer gift for gamers is perfect enough to thrill your gamer friend/ family member on the Christmas day.

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#8. JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker Cool Gift for Teens

JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker Cool Gift for Teens

If you are looking for some good secret Santa gifts that too for a tech lover, this cell phone stand with wireless Bluetooth speaker can’t beat this choice. 

This cell phone stand with portable Bluetooth speaker offers dazzling sound with superior bass, sound quality, and tight mids without any distortion no matter whatever volume it is at. Moreover, the speaker also comes with an incorporated microphone. 

The stand is completely stable and non- slip which provides enough protection to your device without any slides and scratches. 

One of the best things about this cell phone stand is that it is easily compatible with iPhones, iPads and various other phones including Samsung galaxy, Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S7, S8, S6 and to name a few. 

Last but not the least; it is to be clearly taken into consideration that this is basically a phone stand with a portable Bluetooth speaker and it doesn’t have any function of a power bank as such. Moreover, it requires type-c cable for charging purposes.

It offers high quality sound.Device only supports Bluetooth enabled smart phones and tablets.
Ensures fast charging.
Highly durable and reliable too.
Portable and lightweight.
Super compatible.


With the above features and uses of this cell phone stand, it can be clearly said that this 2 in 1 cell phone stand with Bluetooth speaker turns out to be one of the most creative secret Santa gifts for the Christmas day. Moreover, it can make anyone’s life much easier and better than ever before.

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#9. Swarmir Bluetooth Speaker with Lights Small Gift for Teenage Guys

Swarmir Bluetooth Speaker with Lights Small Gift for Teenage Guys

Are you looking forward to surprise your teenage guy with a Bluetooth speaker this Christmas? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. You can actually give him a wireless Bluetooth speaker with lights and make him feel just out of the ordinary.

This multifunctional, 4 in 1 Bluetooth speaker comprises a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging station, phone holder and night light which offer easy control over the volume and skip songs as and when you want etc. 

The speaker comes with beautiful lights that are useful and comfortable enough that you can even turn them on at night while going to the washroom mid-sleep.  

Moreover, its Bluetooth 5.0 signal chip offers a wide wireless range up to 30 feet and is super compatible with phones, computers, and tablets etc. Along with this, it also supports fast charging wirelessly.

Last but not the least these colourful lights with the Bluetooth speaker dance well with the music which creates an everlasting atmosphere and looks amazing.

It offers fast charging.Not suitable for very large spaces.
5.0 Bluetooth version.
Offers wireless fast charging.


With the above pros and cons, it is very well clear that this Bluetooth speaker with lights is a nice way to greet your teenagers on this special occasion of Christmas Day.

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Final Thoughts!

I hope this extensive list of secret santa gifts for teenagers gave you ideas for the things to get teenage guys for Christmas. Do let’s us know in the comments section below which gift you like the most for your teenage kid.

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