Best Period Underwear for Teens

The frequent mood swings, cravings, and cramps make period cycles difficult. And what can make it worse for teens is blood stains on their bed sheets or clothes.

Therefore, you must switch to period panties from regular underwear these days. So, I have reviewed some of the best period underwear for teens that are comfy, easy to wear, and can save the day for you.

While pads, tampons, or cups do their job, side slippage or excessive flow may still cause stains. Menstrual panties are made with highly absorbent fabrics with multiple layers that can soak up the blood. 

So let’s dive right in and explore the list of best period panties for teenagers and help you pick the pairs you think will be best for your teen daughter.

Best Period Underwear for Teens

#1. Ruby Love Teenagers Period Underwear

Ruby Love Teenagers Period Underwear

The Rubylove First Period Kit and Period Underwear is such a mood lifter, especially if it’s your daughter’s first period. Let’s talk about period underwear first. 

There are four pieces of period panties that have a highly absorbent lining to prevent spills and stains. This area is specifically designed to save you from any embarrassment of accidental stains. 

Also, the crotch area of this panty is designed in a way to hold and secure sanitary pads so that they don’t move or shift. Moreover, the cut and style of the crotch area are perfectly designed to provide a snug fit. 

Additionally, the moisture-absorbent fabric will keep you cool and comfortable and reduce friction against the thighs to not cause irritation or itching. 

The kit that comes along will cheer your daughter up with the feel-good goodies. There is another period panty in the kit, and other items include- sanitary pads, a bracelet, a relaxing sleep mask, a discreet carry pouch, a pair of cozy socks, a cooling gel eye mask, a warming gel pad for cramps, lip balm, hygiene wipes, period hacks, and Q&A, and lots of other stuff. 

Yes, the kit is a bit expensive, but anything seems worth the money when it’s about comforting your little daughter.

Great quality period panties.A bit expensive.
The kit has all essential period items.
Most other gifts in the kit are reusable.


This Ruby Love first period kit can be the best comfort gift for your teen girl. It has all the essential accessories that she can use during her period. Plus, the pouch comes in handy to keep period essentials and carry them to school.

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#2. Ruby Love Period Panties for Teens

Ruby Love Period Panties for Teens

As I said, periods can be overwhelming, so gifting your daughter a special gift box will make her feel better. The Ruby Love ultimate collection box has a collection of nine special Ruby Love products that your teen daughter will indeed find useful. 

If your daughter loves water activities or swimming, she’ll love what’s inside this box. It has a black period swimsuit, available in three styles- one-piece racerback, one-piece criss-cross, and a two-piece ruffle set. 

You can pick any of the styles, and Ruby Love will curate the box accordingly. The package also includes period underwear which is again made from thick, highly absorbent fabric to prevent period stains on clothes. 

Furthermore, it has double-sided reusable pads, which of course, is useful for your teen daughter who has recently started her period cycle. The reusable pads are made from high-quality fabric that is thick enough to absorb everything, even when you have a heavy flow. 

Other gifts include- black swim bottoms, black sleep over shorts, and a special surprise gift from Ruby Love. The gift box is slightly expensive, but all the items here are reusable and will last for longer.

Contains Reusable pads and highly absorbent period panties.Everyone may not find this gift box useful.
Surprise gift.
Perfect for gifting teenagers.


The Ruby Love ultimate gift box contains high-quality garments that teens would love receiving as gifts. But this box is mainly useful for teens who are more into swimming and water activities.

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#3. Demifill Leak-Proof Underwear for Teen Girls

Demifill Leak-Proof Underwear for Teen Girls

The next product on my list of best period panties is the Demifilll one. This leak proof underwear for teens is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making the fabric super breathable. 

The inner lining is made from 100% cotton, and the fabric is thick enough to prevent liquid from staining your clothes and saving you from embarrassment in school or public. 

These underwears are comfortable to wear with pads or tampons, ensuring you don’t get rashes. Pad displacement is quite common when young teens start their period cycle as they are still learning to wear the pad well. 

Seeing stains isn’t surprising during the initial period cycles and these period parties do what it’s meant to do, that is, prevent such stains. These multilayer panties have a waterproof layer that saves the day for you without requiring you to check for blood stains multiple times. 

But please note that these period underwear are not a replacement for sanitary pads and must be worn together with pads, tampons, or period cups.

Waterproof layer to prevent leaking.Panties are not very stretchy.
Made from breathable, soft fabric.
Available in a wide size range.


These Demifill Teen Girls Period Panties are great quality, super affordable, and perfectly serve the purpose. While the fabric could have been a bit more stretchy, it’s still worth the buy.

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#4. Thinx Period Cotton Underwear for Teens

Thinx Period Cotton Underwear for Teens

I know some teens find wearing pads or tampons a little annoying, and we can’t blame them. Teens with sensitive/ delicate skin are more prone to rashes, even with soft cotton pads. 

Therefore, they prefer staying home during the cycle for obvious reasons. But that should no longer be an issue as I found the perfect period underwear that’ll save your little girl the pain of wearing pads. 

The Thinx period panties are a replacement for menstrual hygiene products like sanitary pads or tampons. These panties are designed to wear alone that can absorb up to two or four tampons capacity. 

It has a moisture-wicking gusset along with a leak-resistant barrier absorbing everything well, and preventing period leakage. Not only that, these underwear block any unwanted smells to save from any discomfort or embarrassment. 

There are two varieties of Thinx period underwear- moderate and super absorbency. The moderate one holds up to two tampons worth, and the super absorbency one holds up to four tampons worth. 

I would suggest keeping a set of each type for both heavy and light flow days. These panties look just like regular panties, and they are super comfortable to wear. 

The best part is they are reusable, so it saves the cost of buying period essentials every month. If you feel you have an extremely heavy flow, you can pair it with menstrual cups or tampons for added coverage or security.

Moisture wicking and leak-resistant barrier.The panty lines are more visible than in regular underwear.
Locks any foul odor.
Reusable, unlike pads or tampons.


Thinx period underwear is one of the best alternatives to regular sanitary pads or tampons. They hold a lot and are an eco-friendly option as well.

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#5. INNERSY Menstrual Underwear for Teenage girls

INNERSY Menstrual Underwear for Teenage girls

One of the common problems with most sanitary pads is that they are not long enough to provide complete coverage. This really bothers you, especially when you sleep and get stains on your bed sheets and clothes. 

But that would no longer be an issue with the Innersy teenager period panties. Although these panties are not replacements for pads or other period hygiene products, they provide added coverage to prevent leakage. 

The Innersy underwear has a higher lining that goes high up to the waistband. This highly absorbent and waterproof two-layer core keeps you protected from any slippage. So there is no stopping your little girl from participating in activities during or after school hours. 

The material is also very comfortable and feels just like regular underwear. These are reusable and easy to wash as well. But don’t clean them in the washing machine as it may damage the fabric.

High coverage.The waistband tends to get loose eventually.
Highly absorbent fabric.
Easy to clean.


The Innersy Big Girls’ Period Panties are a lifesaver, especially for heavy flow days when sanitary pads or tampons aren’t enough to prevent leakage and stains. They are comfortable and reusable and also do not break your bank to own multiple pairs.

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#6. Bambody Teens Super Comfy Period Panties

Bambody Teens Super Comfy Period Panties

One of the annoying things about wearing pads or period panties is that they are not very comfortable for walking or moving. But the Bambody high-cut period underwear will no longer restrict your movement. 

This leak proof underwear for teens is made from thick fabric that soaks up equivalent to two tampons meaning you can wear it without pairing it up with pads or tampons. 

The full leak proof fabric is extremely comfortable, and you can wear it just like regular underwear. The super smooth bamboo blend fabric keeps you sweet-free by soaking sweat or moisture 400% faster than basic cotton fabric. 

Furthermore, these panties are reusable, so they are more sustainable than other period hygiene products. Plus, it saves you money as you don’t have to buy regular monthly period hygiene supplies. 

These underwear are also super easy to clean and do not leave any undesirable smell.

Provides high coverage without chances of leakage.The wearability could have been better.
Works as substitutes for pads, tampons, or cups.
High-cut legs for freedom of movement.


The Bambody Absorbent Brief is great for teens who don’t like wearing pads or cups. They are highly absorbent and prevent leaks or stains. Plus, they are reusable, which is another plus point.

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#7. Nalwort Teen Girls Menstrual Period Underwear

Nalwort Teen Girls Menstrual Period Underwear

Nalwort underwear is one of the best period underwear for teens. These panties promise you coverage keeping the risk of leakage at bay. 

The thick cotton lining in the panties gives adequate coverage to prevent messy stains on the clothes. These underwear have increased crotch lining that provides ample protection. 

Also, these panties are designed in a way to keep you comfortable during long school hours. But these panties aren’t thick enough to wear alone, so they are best paired with tampons, pads, or menstrual cups, whatever you feel comfortable in. 

These are triple-layer panties with an absorbent layer, waterproof layer, and the crotch in addition to the main fabric. This saves you from the risk of staining your clothes even during heavy flow days. 

The Nalwort underwear is available in a wide range of sizes, so finding the perfect size for your teen girl won’t be an issue.

Multiple layers of absorbent fabrics.The fitting could have been more snug.
Comfortable fit.
Wide size range.


If you need period panties that are breathable and prevent stains even during heavy flow days, the Nalwort Teen Girls Period Underwear will save the day for your teen daughter. They are inexpensive compared to most sanitary supplies.

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#8. 4period Heavy Flow Period Underwear for Teens

4period Heavy Flow Period Underwear for Teens

The 4Period Store period underwear is designed to provide maxim comfort while preventing any leakage. These panties are designed to keep you stain-free from all sides. 

They are made from high-absorbent moisture-wicking fabric that prevents leakage even if your pad gets displaced. There are two absorbent layers that go all the way up to the waistband for added protection. 

These panties have a snug fit so that your pad stays in place even if you move around a lot. But you can wear these panties without pads or tampons due to the high-absorbent fabric layers. 

Furthermore, these panties are designed for light, medium, and heavy flows, so wearing them without pads should not make any mess. 

Additionally, they are super comfy and made from non-synthetic breathable bamboo fabric, ensuring you don’t get rashes even if you wear them all day long. You can either machine wash it or clean it with hand wash, both ways, getting rid of the stains is easier.

Made from light, medium & heavy flows.The fabric isn’t very stretchy.
Ultrasmooth bamboo fabric provides maximum comfort.
Two layers of absorbent fabric.


The 4Period Store Period Underwear provides a comfortable fit while preventing period stains and odors. They are best for teens who have just started their menstruation cycle and are not very comfortable wearing pads.

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#9. M’Belles Teen Girls Leak-Proof Protective Briefs

M'Belles Teen Girls Leak-Proof Protective Briefs

The M.Belles teen girl’s period underwear is not only comfortable to wear but is highly absorbent as well due to the thick multilayer fabrics that are highly absorbent, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. 

These high-coverage panties have four layers. While the outer layers look like normal underwear, the inner layer is made from water-absorbing polyester & polyamide. 

There is another waterproof layer made from bamboo rayon and spandex. The final layer is made from 95% rayon and 5% spandex. If your daughter is about to start her first period, you can get these panties to save her from the embarrassment of period stains. 

The waterproof crotch areas in the front and back further provided added coverage so that your teen daughter does not have to compromise participating in activities.

Four layer protection.The fit gets loose after a few wears.
Sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for pads/ tampons.
Breathable fabric.


The M.Belles Teen Girls Period Underwear is best for teens to wear during their first menstruation cycle or for teens who are just getting used to periods. They are comfortable, leak-proof, and cheaper than pads.

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#1. Do Period Underwear Work For Swimming?

Yes, you can wear period underwear during swimming. But you must check the product description carefully while buying to see whether the period panties are completely waterproof or not. The Ruby Love Ultimate Collection Box, Thinx (BTWN) Fresh Start Period Kit period underwear has water-resistant layers which will provide you the protection you need in water. 

However, I recommend using a menstrual cup along with period underwear if you plan to stay longer in the pool for added protection.

#2. Do Period Underwear Work For Heavy Flow?

Period underwear that is designed as substitutes for pads or tampons works during heavy flow. But the ones that are meant to pair up with pads won’t provide enough protection for heavy-flowing days. 

However, it’s best to wear a pad even with the high absorbency for added protection in those days.

#3. What Age Can Teenagers Wear Tampons?

There is no recommended age for teenagers wearing tampons. They can wear it from their first menstrual cycle if they feel comfortable.

#4. Is Period Underwear Hygienic?

Yes, period underwear is hygienic. Most of them are made from breathable, odor-free, and moisture-wicking fabric to prevent infections. But make sure to wash or disinfect your period underwear each time you wear it.

#5. How Long Can You Wear Underwear?

If you are wearing period panties with pads, you can wear them for two days in a row as long as your period underwear does not get any stains. But if you’re only wearing the panty, change it every 6 hours. But the duration may vary depending on your flow.

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I hope this recommendations for the best period underwear for teenagers has helped you pick the right inner wear. I have shortlisted best items based on coverage, fabric layer, and comfort in mind that serves the purpose.

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