Best Period Swimsuit for Teenagers

The joy of swimming can be dampened by menstruation, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With right period swimwear, teenage girls can swim with confidence and comfort, without worrying about leaks or discomfort. In this post, we will guide you through the features to look for in a period swimsuit and provide our best period swimsuit for teenage girls.

Understand Menstruation and Swimming

Many teenage girls feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their periods, and the idea of wearing a swimsuit while menstruating can feel uncomfortable.

However, it’s essential to understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to menstruation. It’s a natural process that affects half of the world’s population, and there’s no reason why it should stop you from enjoying the water.

One common concern when it comes to swimming during menstruation is the possibility of leaking. While this is a legitimate concern, it’s essential to remember that wearing a suitable period swimsuit can help alleviate this worry.

These swimsuits are designed to provide additional coverage and support, making them an excellent choice for teenage girls who want to swim while menstruating.

Comparison of Period Swimsuits for Teens

Product NameMaterialSizeType
Ruby Love Period Swimwear Racerback100% CottonLarge, XX-Large, 3X-LargeOne-Piece
Mordlanka Period proof Swimsuit80% nylon, 20% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-LargeOne-Piece
feitycom Leakproof Menstrual Swimwear80% Nylon, 20% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, LargeOne-Piece
TELUNSU Athletic Racerback Bathing Suit80% Nylon, 20% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeOne-Piece
Mordlanka Long Sleeve Period Swimwear78% Nylon, 22% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-LargeOne-Piece
Knixteen Freestyle Period Swimwear85% Nylon, 15% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-LargeOne-Piece
The Period People Bikini Bottom Swimwear80% Nylon, 20% SpandexMedium, Large, X-LargeBottom
Savvi Wear Menstrual Period Swimwear75%Polyamide,25%SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-LargeTwo Piece
The Period People Period Swimwear85% Nylon, 15% SpandexX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-LargeOne-Piece
Mordlanka Period Bikini Swimwear86% Nylon, 14% SpandexX-Large, XX-LargeBottoms

Best Period Swimsuit for Teenage Girls

#1. Ruby Love Period Swimwear Racerback for Teens

Ruby Love Period Swimwear Racerback for Teens

If you want ultimate leakage protection but don’t want to compromise with style, try Ruby Love period swimwear RacerBack. This period swimwear for teens has a built-in absorbent liner with maximum absorption capacity. This swimwear can hold bleeding up to 3 tampons, which is worthy of protection. Moreover, the swimwear has racer back criss cross design with scoop back and flattering straps for snugly fitting. 

It features a dry-tech mesh that completely covers the front, back, and side to stop leakage from all sides. The mesh also holds a pad securely in its place if required. 

This swimwear is made with nylon and spandex that stays longer. Also, the swimwear liner is made with organic cotton for seamless comfort and is easy to wash. It’s perfectly angled design helps to collect menstrual blood for quick absorption. Above this, the swimwear is very lightweight and feels like you’re not wearing a bulky pad.

Flattering straps with scoop back.It is expensive.
Angled designs for quick soaking.Only black color available.
No odor and easy to wash.
Discrete and functional fabric.


Ruby Love is a perfect period-proof swimwear for teens who experience heavy bleeding. I loved its leak-proof technology and built-in absorbent liner that can hold flow for longer. Moreover, it is thin and doesn’t seem bulkier and has a snuggly fitting angular design for all round leakage protection. It might be expensive, but worth buying if you love water activities.

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#2. Mordlanka One Piece Period proof Swimsuit for Teen Girls

Mordlanka One Piece Period proof Swimsuit for Teen Girls

A serious athletic swimmer needs extra protection and comfort. Grab this one-piece period swimwear for teens that can hold menstrual flow up to three tampons. You can even wear this swimwear without adding any extra protection. Equipped with anti-microbial technology that neutralizes smells and sucks out sweat. It comes with adjustable, flattering straps and a scoop back, ensuring snugly fitting. 

The pull-on closure angled design provides maximum protection from leakage. Furthermore, the built-in absorbent liner comprises multiple layers making it perfect for soaking heavy menstrual flow. The top of the liner is made with breathable fabric that keeps you fresh all day.  

Even better, this swimwear is available in extended sizes to fit all sizes of teens. This swimwear is perfect if you want to surf, swim, paddleboard, or lounge on the sand.

Excellent absorption capacity.Not ideal for teens with short torsos.
Leak-proof design.
No foul smell and suck sweat incredibly.
Anti-microbial technology for long-lasting freshness.


This one-piece swimwear is ideal for teens having heavy flow. It’s very lightweight and has multiple built-in absorbent liners that absorb super quickly and don’t make you feel like wearing a pad. The swimwear is machine wash safe. Overall, I would suggest the sweet teens who quit swimming during menstrual cycle days.

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#3. feitycom Leakproof Menstrual Swimwear for Teens

feitycom Leakproof Menstrual Swimwear for Teens

Check out feitycom’s one-piece leak proof swimwear for teens if heavy flow makes you uncomfortable to swim. Made with high absorbent built-in liners, that has an absorption capacity equivalent to three menstrual cups and six tampons. You can swim without adding extra protection to your swimwear. 

This period-proof swimwear for teens is designed with 100% cotton-based fabric, making it extremely comfortable to wear all day. The built-in liner comes with an extra breathable mesh that helps to keep you sweat free for a long time. 

A subtle waterproof lining prevents leakage into the water and provides all-around protection. Besides this, the swimwear is machine wash safe so you can enjoy great hygiene and reuse it without any hassles. Very easy to carry and comes with adjustable straps that allow you to adjust swimwear for a perfect fit. Since it is made with a reusable design, you can easily use it for longer.

Flattering straps with scoop back.Straps may feel pretty tight.
Breathable cotton-based mesh for hygiene.
4 times maximum absorption.
Easy to wash and use.


For excellent absorption and menstrual hygiene, I highly recommend this period swimwear for teens and women. One thing that made it exceptional is its absorbance capacity and snugly fitting. You can swim without worrying about leakage. Straps are a little tight on shoulders, but you can enjoy a great swimming day with high absorbance.

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#4. TELUNSU Athletic Racerback Bathing Suit for Teenagers

TELUNSU Athletic Racerback Bathing Suit for Teenagers

If you want swimwear for maximum protection and complete support to the bottom, get this period’s athletic RacerBack by TELUNSU. This swimwear comes with adjustable straps and mid-section absorbent, giving intimate leakage protection twice better than tampons and pads. Made with soft cotton-based absorbent fabric that keeps your intimate areas fresh and sweat-free. 

Unlike single-use hygiene disposables, this leak proof period swimwear is sustainable and machine wash-safe. Featuring an order-neutralizing woven layer, quickly absorb moisture to keep odor away. A liquid storage layer locks the fluid for longer so you can enjoy swimming to the fullest without worrying about leakage. 

However, if you experience heavy flow, I suggest you wear a tampon or menstrual cup for more protection with swimwear.

The breathable fabric feels like regular underwear.Need an extra layer of protection for heavy flow.
Mid-section absorption.
Odor neutralizing layer.
Cotton-based fabric for better comfort.


This period swimwear for teens is ideal for swimmers who experience light to medium menstrual flow. It provides two times better leakage protection which might be less than what you get in the swimwear of Ruby Love, but worth it for maximum comfort and to control leakage for a few hours. If you need maximum protection, I suggest wearing tampons or menstrual cups.

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#5. Mordlanka Long Sleeve Period Swimwear for Teens

Mordlanka Long Sleeve Period Swimwear for Teens

The high-rise period swimwear for the teen can hold menstrual up to three tampons. It comes with an extra thick built-in absorbent liner, quickly absorbing the liquid and keeping you dry for hours. Because of its high absorbing capacity, you don’t need to add extra protection like tampons. 

Also, the upper layer of the swimwear is made with moisture-wicking material to ensure nothing leaks out while swimming. The long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit design makes you extra stylish while swimming and surfing. Moreover, the invisible zipper design allows you to wear this swimwear conveniently and add a style statement. 

This swimwear is made with nylon and spandex for added durability. Since it is machine wash safe, you can wash it easily and reuse it for longer.

Better coverage with angled protection.Sizing issues.
Thick absorbent liner.
Invisible zipper to prevent friction.
Ideal for teens to have a heavy flow.


If you experience heavy flow, this would be an ideal period swimwear for heavy-flow teens. For more protection, you can carry it highly absorbent and breathable even without using tampons and menstrual cups. It might cost you extra but worth buying as it is reusable and sustainable. Overall, this swimwear is good for a long hour of swimming or surfing purposes.

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#6. Knixteen One Piece Period Swimwear for Teenage Girls

Knixteen One Piece Period Swimwear for Teenage Girls

Want to do free-style swimming but don’t want to look like you are wearing a bulky diaper during periods? This leak proof period swimwear is worth trying. Equipped with a thin, undetectable, period-absorbing gusset that feels like your regular swimwear. This leak-proof swimwear comes with a multi-layer absorbent liner that can absorb menstrual bleeding up to three heavy pads and tampons. 

The top layer has a mesh design that improves breathability and absorbs moisture while crushing odor. However, you can wear it alone on light-period days for complete protection. You can wear it with tampons on heavy bleeding days for added protection. 

The swimwear is completely lined up to avoid leakage. It also comes with anti-slip racerback straps for proper fitting and added mobility. The high-performance swimsuit prevents leakage and encourages propulsion and an excellent range of motion.

Extra leakage protection for competitive swimwear.Straps may become stretchy after some use.
Undetectable period-absorbing gusset.
Seawater and chlorine resistant for a longer lifespan.
Completely lined up to prevent leakage.


These leak proof swim bottoms are ideal for free swimmers as they can hold menstrual blood three times better than ordinary absorbing panties. Moreover, the slim fit and high-performance design make it perfect for teens who don’t want heavy, bulky period swimwear. However, it may be a pricey option but worth buying for complete protection and long-lasting use.

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#7. The Period People Leakproof Bikini Bottom Swimwear for Teens

The Period People Leakproof Bikini Bottom Swimwear for Teens

When you want leakage protection, and wanna look stylish at the same time, try this period-proof bikini bottom. It has a unique subtle waterproof lining that prevents menstrual blood leakage into the water while swimming. The multi-layer gusset provides maximum absorbency and quick drying. Moreover, the upper layer of the gusset has a breathable fabric that keeps you dry and soaks your menstrual flow quickly. 

This period swimwear is machine wash safe so you can wash it conveniently for your next use. It has a discreet multilayered crotch area to prevent leaks and an elastic waistband that securely keeps the bikini bottom in its place. 

The bikini bottom is designed with high-quality spandex and nylon fabric that delivers seamless comfort and ultimate protection. Besides this, it is easy to clean; wash it with soap and dry it in the air.

Extra leakage protection.Incorrect sizing issues observed by some users.
Long-lasting performance and machine wash safe.
Breathable mesh to keep you dry longer.
Extra wide crotch area for wider coverage.


This period bikini bottom is an ideal option for teens needing complete protection from swimming leakage. I like its extra wide crotch and thick waistband that keep the bottom secure and offer maximum leakage protection. The bottom lining is thick at the edges, further providing leakage protection. Good for medium flow control.

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#8. Savvi Wear Menstrual Leakproof High Waist Bikini Bottom for Teens

Savvi Wear Menstrual Leakproof High Waist Bikini Bottom for Teens

This period swim bottom for teens is perfect for all-day swimming confidence while on your period. This high waist period swimwear has a built-liner that offers light, moderate absorbency. It can hold liquid up to 3 tampons making it perfect for low to medium menstrual flow. You can add an extra layer of protection during the heavy period. 

Made with high-quality polyamide and a slotted design at the sides, it feels like regular swimwear and is very comfortable. It has a high waist design and thick gusset to avoid uncomfortable bottom rolling. You can combine these bottoms with your favorite bikini tops for added style. 

Furthermore, it comes with a bamboo lining that quickly absorbs period blood, keeping you dry for hours with no period smell. The bikini bottom is machine wash safe and dries off quickly. You can use it repeatedly for months and save plenty of money you waste on pads and tampons.

Leak-proof bamboo charcoal gusset.Need to add extra protection for heavy bleeding.
Available in all sizes.
Provide medium coverage.
Super thing design and highly comfortable to wear.


The bikini bottom is ideal for teens with low to medium menstrual flow. The thick bottom gusset comes with a leak-proof design making it perfect for swimming during periods. In addition, I loved its three layers of technology woven lining that quickly absorb blood and stop leaks, keeping you fresh for hours. Overall, this high waist bottom is excellent for hygiene and comfort during periods.

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#9. The Period People Menstrual Period Swimwear for Teens

The Period People Menstrual Period Swimwear for Teens

This period swimwear for a teen perfectly combines style, comfort, and leakage protection. The pull-on closure design with a lower cut offers ideal fitting. Above this, you get a unique multi-layered gusset that offers maximum absorbency up to 3 tampons. Moreover, the quick-drying technology helps to lock blood quickly, keeping you dry for hours. 

For added leakage protection, it comes with a subtle waterproof lining that prevents the leakage of blood into the water. It has a wide crotch area with multiple absorbent linings making it perfect for controlling heavy flow. The upper of the built-in liner has a mesh covering to maintain breathability. 

This swimwear has a removal bar pad for extra comfort and the correct fitting. Made with Nylon and Spandex, it provides maximum comfort and extended use. In addition, since this swimwear is reusable, it reduces the additional cost of using tampons and menstrual cups repeatedly.

Easy to wash.You need one size bigger or smaller for perfect fitting.
Highly absorbent and quick drying.
Removable bra pads for extra comfort.
Control heavy leakage.


If you want swimwear for a teen which she can wear during her period, this could be the right fit. The unique multi-layered gusset can control bleeding up to 3 tampons. In addition, the cross-back design with a scoop back ensures perfect fitting. However, some users find size issues, so they choose the right size.

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#10. Mordlanka Period Bottoms Bikini Swimwear for Teenage Girls

Mordlanka Period Bottoms Bikini Swimwear for Teenage Girls

Just because you need leakage protection to swim confidently during periods doesn’t mean to look like you are wearing heavy pads. For example, this period swimwear bikini bottom for teens has multiple built-in liners that hold up to three tampons. Because of these added absorbent layers, you can wear this bottom without additional protection. 

This high waist bottom is made with quick-drying nylon fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable. The inner side of the swimwear bottom has an extended leak proof layer that offers complete coverage from the front and back. In addition, the extra wide crotch with breathable mesh quickly wicks away sweat faster than cotton. B

esides this, it is easy to wash and highly resistant to stains. Plus, the high waist design with an extra thick waistband creates a perfect balance of leakage protection and style statement.

Durable and machine wash safe.Single color available.
Suitable to control heavy bleeding.
Extra wide crotch area for maximum absorption.


This period swimwear bikini bottom is a perfect option for teens with medium to heavy flow. The extra-wide crotch area with added built-in layers provides complete protection from leakage for hours. The best part is its quick absorption capacity that keeps you fresh without facing period smell. Overall, this is excellent for hygiene and protection purposes.

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Things to look for in a Period Swimwear for Teens

  1. Look for Swimsuits with Built-In Protection

The first thing to consider when choosing a period swimsuit is whether it has built-in protection. A good period swimsuit should have a lining or a layer that provides extra protection during your period. This can help prevent leaks and keep you feeling comfortable and confident while swimming.

  1. Choose the Right Style

When it comes to period swimsuits, the style is just as important as the protection. You want to choose a swimsuit that fits well and makes you feel confident. Bikinis are not the best option during your period because they offer little protection, and the bottom part can easily shift out of place.

Instead, we recommend choosing a one-piece swimsuit with a snug fit. A high-necked swimsuit with a racerback can be a great option because it provides additional coverage and support.

  1. Consider the Material

The material of your period swimsuit is essential because it determines how comfortable and durable the swimsuit will be. We recommend choosing a swimsuit made from high-quality, stretchy material like spandex or nylon. These materials are comfortable, durable, and dry quickly, making them perfect for swimming.

  1. Look for Additional Features

Some period swimsuits come with additional features that can help you feel more comfortable and confident. For example, some swimsuits have adjustable straps that can help you get a better fit. Others have removable pads that can provide extra protection during your period.

  1. Try it On

Before buying a period swimsuit, it’s essential to try it on to ensure that it fits well and provides the necessary protection. Take your time when trying on the swimsuit and move around to see how it feels. If you’re not sure about the fit, don’t be afraid to ask for help or try a different size.

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Overall, finding the right period swimsuit for your teen can help provide both comfort and confidence during menstruation.

By considering the level of coverage, style, and material of the swimsuit, you can find a swimsuit that’s both functional and fashionable.

Remember to encourage good hygiene practices and remind your teen that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to menstruation.


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