Best iPad for Kids and Teenagers

Just like working from home has become a new normal for adults, online classes have become normal for kids and teenagers. Studying from home requires a complete setup, and an iPad is an essential part of it. 

Not only for attending classes, but your kids can also use the iPad for entertainment purposes, and thus, you get ample time to focus on other things. The wide range and price range have made it challenging for parents to choose the right iPad for their children, so I’ve compiled this detailed list of the best Apple tablet for children’s. 

Read on to know which iPad models are perfect for kids and teens to make an informed decision.

Comparison of iPad for Teens and Kids

Product NameProcessorDisplayCameraStorageBattery
2020 Apple iPad AirA14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine10.9‑inch12 MP64 GB10 hours
2021 Apple iPad MiniA15 Bionic chip with Neural Engine8.3 inch12 MP64 GB10 hours
2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPadA13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine10.2 inch12 MP256 GB10 hours
2022 Apple iPad AirApple M1 chip with Neural Engine10.9‑inch12 MP256 GB10 hours

Best iPad for Teenagers and Kids

#1. 2020 Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)for Teenagers

2020 Apple iPad Air for Kids and Teenagers
Processor:A14 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture Neural Engine
Display:10.9‑inch Liquid Retina display
Operating System:iPadOS
Camera:12MP Wide camera with Smart HDR and 4K video at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps
Storage:64GB, 256GB
Battery:Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi or watching video.; Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network.
Speaker:stereo speakers
Connectivity:USB-C connector for charging and accessories

Focusing on a smaller screen can result in eye strain, so buying the iPad Air 10.9 makes sense! If your kid spends too much time on the screen, the Screen Time feature of the Apple iPad can help. Parents can keep an eye on the time their children use the tablet and can also restrict content they don’t want them to watch.

Apple has equipped the iPad Air 10.9 with an A14 Bionic chip and Neural Engine, so kids can install as many apps as they want. Plus, the tablet handles multitasking smoothly, letting the kids switch between apps, including Zoom and notes, during online classes.

The Liquid Retina Display curtails the strain on the eyes, making this iPad easy on your children’s eyes. Moreover, the touch response is amazing, and kids that love playing puzzle games will definitely love this iPad.

Moreover, teens that are into sketching and drawing can pair this iPad with an Apple Pencil to portray their creativity. When your teen enters high school, they can keep using the same iPad by pairing it with an Apple Keyboard Case to transform it into a laptop.

The battery life is excellent, and kids that commute to school don’t have to worry about carrying the charger. The 12MP back camera lets the kids take amazing pictures, while the 7MP front camera is perfect for video calls and FaceTime. 

Nowadays, kids are concerned about their privacy, and the built-in TouchID lets them keep their data secure. While the 64GB ROM is ideal for kids, it may be a little disappointing for teenagers. However, Apple offers a 256GB variant, and parents can choose that if their kids need more storage.

Powerful speakers for uninterrupted entertainment.Fragile.
Built-in Wi-Fi 6 for seamless connectivity.Dated with big bezels.
Type-C port charges it quickly.
It supports Magic Case and Apple Pencil.


The iPad Air 10.9 is the best iPad for kids and teens between the ages group 8-18. Your children can use it for studying, entertainment, and connecting with the outside world. The big battery life and parental controls make the iPad Air a good pick if the budget allows.

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#2. 2021 Apple iPad Mini for Kids and Teenagers

2021 Apple iPad Mini for Kids and Teenagers
Processor:A15 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, 6-core CPU, 5-core graphics, and 16-core Neural Engine
Display:8.3 inch Liquid Retina display
Operating System:iPadOS
Camera:12MP Wide camera with Center Stage, Smart HDR 3 and 4K video
Storage:64GB, 256GB
Battery:Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi or watching video. Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network
Speaker:stereo speakers
Connectivity:USB-C connector for charging and accessories

Kids that need something they can commute daily should go for iPad Mini 8.3. The display may feel a bit small, but it offers a full iPad experience in a lightweight and compact design. Even young kids won’t have problems holding this best iPad for 7-year-olds.

What makes this iPad remarkably fast is the A15 Bionic Chip. Kids these days run several apps on their tablets, and this iPad is capable of handling almost anything. From Zoom to YouTube and other applications, teens can easily multitask between the apps they want. 

The display is pretty crisp and offers a myriad of colors with ultimate accuracy. Kids interested in sketching and drawing can quickly pair it with Apple Pencil 2 and show their creativity. However, Magic Keyboard does not work with this iPad, so you can have a Bluetooth keyboard if your teenage kid wants to use it as a laptop.

The 12MP camera on the back lets the kids take amazing pictures and make reels on Instagram. The front camera also does a fair job and is perfect for Facetiming friends while attending daily classes. One charge gives the iPad a runtime of 10 hours, so kids that need a tablet for school can take it with them. 

Next, the Touch ID ensures maximum privacy, while the parental controls let parents restrict things they don’t want their kids to access. If your kids love watching YouTube and Netflix, the landscape speakers will keep them entertained. As the iPad Mini lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, pairing it with Bluetooth headphones is the best idea. I’d suggest buying a super-protective case like Azzsy Case for iPad Mini to keep the tablet protected from ding and dongs.

Lightweight and compact.It does not support Magic Keyboard.
Sharp and bright display.It features an old design.
Superb processor to run any application.
Amazing battery life.


If all you need is an amazing iPad that’s compact, powerful, and has every feature a teenager or kid would need, choose the iPad Mini. It comes in two storage options, i.e., 64 GB and 256GB. Also, the tab comes in Wi-fi and Cellular options making it the best pick for teenagers of all age groups.

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#3. 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad for Teenage Students

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad for Teenage Students
Processor:A13 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and Neural Engine
Display:10.2‑inch Retina display
Operating System:iPadOS
Camera:12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage, HDR and 1080p HD video
Storage:64GB, 256GB
Battery:Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi, watching video, or listening to music.
Speaker:stereo speakers
Connectivity:Lightning connector

The Apple iPad 10.2-inch may not be the latest model, but teenagers still prefer it because of its humongous screen and sleek profile. The gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina Display comes with True Tone technology and displays colors with maximum precision. It helps kids recognize colors and helps them sketch and draw easily.

Next, the screen improves the watching experience, and teens interested in watching movies and TV shows will love it for sure. The powerful speakers eliminate the need to wear headphones, and that’s good for your kid’s ears. 

It comes loaded with an A13 Bionic Chip, which is still capable of handling multiple tasks. Kids can easily switch between the apps, while there may be a little lag sometimes. The iPad works really well with Apple Pencil and offers a big space for the kids to show their skills. In addition, this good iPad for students is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and quickly transforms into a laptop if your kid needs one.

While the Touch ID makes your kid feels safe, the parental control features let parents restrict different types of content and applications. Also, parents can view the screen time their kids. 

On the rear, it has an 8MP camera that’s pretty good for taking pictures and making videos. However, kids that love low-light photography may miss the flash. The front camera is also good for video calls and making reels or stories. 

With the iPad 10.2, your kids don’t have to worry about charging since a single charge lasts around 10 hours. Plus, the Type-C cable ensures quicker charging, which kids on the move prefer. Lastly, the iPad for teenagers comes in two storage variants and two colors, so choose the one that your kid needs.

Bigger screen for better entertainment.It does not have a flash.
It supports Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.Pretty big to carry around.
12 MP front camera with Center Stage to take good pictures.
The stereo speakers are loud and clear.


The iPad 10.2 is a fantastic option for parents looking for an affordable and big tablet for their 10-14 years old kids. This best iPad for teenagers has loud speakers, clear cameras, and ample storage space that kids and teens need. Lastly, the powerful processor eases multitasking, and the Touch ID ensures secure payments with maximum privacy.

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#4. 2022 Apple iPad Air (5th Generation) for 8 years old

2022 Apple iPad Air (5th Generation) for 8 years old
Processor:Apple M1 chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture with 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, Next-generation Neural Engine
Display:10.9‑inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone
Operating System:iPadOS
Camera:12MP Wide camera with Smart HDR 3 and 4K video recording at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps
Storage:64GB, 256GB
Battery:Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi or watching video; Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using cellular data network
Speaker:stereo speakers
Connectivity:USB-C connector for charging and accessories

The iPad Air is for kids that love consuming content such as watching YouTube videos and Instagram reels. What makes it an impressive option is the almost 11-inch display that comes with True Tone Technology. In addition, the anti-reflective coating reduces eye strain, and kids can enjoy watching movies/TV shows on this iPad.

Apple has loaded this iPad with an M1 chip that’s super-fast to handle any task. Kids that prefer gaming and need a tablet for studying will find the iPad Air useful, as it boasts amazing multitasking capabilities. 

The compatibility with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard transforms the iPad, and teens can use it to draw, sketch or type their school assignments. The sleek profile and lightweight design make commuting with this new iPad easy, and all you need is a good folio case for your kids.

Both rear and front cameras are 12MP and let the kids take amazing pictures or videos. Kids can also edit their photos on the bigger display by using a variety of applications. The latest iOS offers features like parental controls, and parents can also control the screen time of their children.

The availability of Touch ID lets the kids make payments securely, while they can also keep their data private and protected. The all-day battery life ensures the kids enjoy using this iPad without worrying about charging it several times.

The display is easy on the eyes.Built quality is not that impressive.
It has a powerful camera setup with a flash.Some colors get dirty easily .
The cellular model is 5G compatible.
It works well with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.


The Apple iPad Air is for kids and teens that prefer a bigger display and powerful processor. It has stunning cameras and landscape speakers, making it a perfect option for young kids. Parents can choose from a range of colors, and there are two storage options available.

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Q: How to set up an iPad for kids?

A: Instead of sharing the Apple ID with their kids, parents can create a new one for their kids. They can use features like Family Sharing to set up the iPad for their kids. 
Here’s how to create Apple ID for your kids and set up the iPad:

Step #1: Go to Settings on your device, and type your Name.

Step #2: Now click on Family Sharing and select Add Member. 

Step #3: Click on Create an Account and add the kid’s details. 

Step #4: Click on Continue, and follow all on-screen instructions.

Now that you have created an Apple ID for your kid, you can use it while setting up the iPad for them. Since you have linked the Apple ID with your account and you have complete control over it.

Turn on your kid’s iPad, enter the Apple ID you have created, and follow all on-screen instructions to complete the set-up process.

Q: How to use Guided Access ‘child mode’ on iPad?

Q: The Guided Access feature is helpful for parents that don’t want their kids to access certain applications. Parents can turn on Guided Access after setting up the iPad for their kids. To set up the Guides Access, you need to:

Step #1: Click on Settings, and go to Accessibility. Now Turn on the Guided Access.

Step #2: Tap the Passcode Settings, and click on Set Guided Access Passcode.
Step #3: Enter a passcode, and re-enter it. iPads with Face ID also let you set your face as the passcode. 

Steps to Start a Guided Access Session
Step #4: Open the app that you want.

Step #5: On the iPad, triple-click the side button if it misses a Touch ID button. Else, tap thrice on the Touch ID button.

Step #6: Use your finger to circle the areas on the screen you don’t want to respond to touch. You can resize the circle and tap on X to remove it.

Step #7: Click on Guided Access and then select Start.

Q: How to use parental control on your kids/teenage iPad?

A: By using parental controls, parents can restrict the content they want their kids to stay away from. Below I have listed some steps to set up parental controls on your kid’s iPad.

Step #1: Click on Settings, and select Screen Time.

Step #2: Click on Continue and choose “This is my Child’s Device”

Step #3: If you do not want your kids to access or change the settings of the iPad, you can select Use Screen Time Passcode to create a new password. 

Step #4: While setting Screen Time on your kid’s device, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and enter the Parent Passcode. Reenter the passcode, and enter your Apple ID and password. 

Step #5: Click on Content and Privacy Restrictions and enter the passcode. Turn on Content and Privacy to set parental controls on your kid’s device.

Use a different passcode from the code you’ve set to unlock the iPad.

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I hope this detailed list has helped you choose the best iPad for teenagers and kids. All the iPads listed here offer features that kids need and have long-lasting batteries. Make sure to ask your kids about their requirements, such as typing and sketching, and choose an iPad that’s compatible with these devices.


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