Best Bra for Teenagers

Teenagers and mothers have to go through so many new experiences in this phase of life. One of the major changes is seeing your body parts changing, for example, breast growth. Now your little girl has to shift from wearing inners to bras. But how do you know which is the best bra for teenagers? The options are many, but how would you know which one will fit you the best? 

I have a teenage daughter, and I have been through these changes. I know what a teenager might like or dislike. My daughter didn’t like the basic bras and asked me to buy her some fancy-looking ones. 

However, some teens just want comfort and don’t prefer buying lacy or heavy-padded bras. Also, irrespective of what you like or dislike, you must have a combination of different types of bras because you cannot wear lacy or high padded bras during the long hours of your school or college. 

Considering all these points, I have curated a guide on how to choose bra for teenagers. I have picked basic, padded, non-padded, training bras, stylish bras, and more to meet everyone’s needs. So let’s get started and get the most comfortable bra for teenagers.

Best Bra for Teenagers

#1 Maidenform Softi Cup Bra for Young Girls

Maidenform Softi Cup Bra for Young Girls

The Maidenform bra is best for teens who don’t have big breasts. This is a basic wireless bra made of nylon and spandex to provide utmost comfort. 

The cups are beautifully structured to keep your breast in shape, and the crossbody back design ensures you get ample support.

The ultrasmooth fabric will not make your chest feel sweaty, which is best for long school or college hours. 

The bra does not have pads. Therefore, it’s best for teens who don’t like it when their chest looks big. Moreover, the cups have a t-shirt bra design, so you wear them under your regular tops and t-shirts. 

But I won’t recommend this bra for girls with big breasts. Even though the bra is available till size 38A, the lack of padding and wire may not give the support big-chested girls need.

Also, some teens have nipple growth early, and this bra won’t provide nipple coverage. This bra is available in different colors, including solid shades and prints.

Wireless design to keep you rash free.Not suitable for big-chested girls.
Ultra-soft fabric.
Crossbody design for added support.

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#2. Alcy Intimates Girls Padded Bra for Teenager

Alcy Intimates Girls Padded Bra for Teenager

Alcy Intimates lightly padded bras are best for teens with a heavy chest. They are not very highly padded, so they won’t make your breast look bigger than usual while providing you the coverage you require. 

Made from 95% spandex and 5% elastane, these bras are super smooth and breathable. The straps are adjustable, so you can adjust how tight you want your bra to fit. 

Moreover, this soft underband and wired cups ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable while playing or participating in any activities.

The structured design will provide ample support so that you can focus on your sports. 

These are all solid color bras; they will go under any top or shirt. But you may get rashes or skin irritation due to the underband and wired cups.

Ultrasoft and breathable fabric.May get skin rashes due to the wired cups.
Adjustable straps.
Lightly padded for ample coverage.

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#3. MIK-QUE Girls Seamless Training Bra for Teenager

MIK-QUE Girls Seamless Training Bra for Teenager

A teenager’s bra collection should have a few essential bra types and training bras are one among them. MIK-QUE training bras are best for sports days in school or when your teen girl goes to her sports classes. 

MIK-QUE seamless training bras have a pullover design with no buckles, and most teens prefer that. And with the seamless design, no bra line will peek through even if you wear it underneath thin fabrics. 

Made 92% nylon and 8% spandex, these bras are highly stretchable, so teens of any size should be able to wear them comfortably. MIK-QUE teenage training bras are available in small to large sizes. This size range should fit most teens, but they should have kept an extra large size for teens with very heavy breasts.

These bras have elastic hems and adjustable straps to provide complete support. These bras have ample coverage, so you don’t have to worry about side slippage.

Pull-on closure for easy wear.Does not have a wide size variety.
Seamless design ensures no bra line peeks through.
Breathable fabric.

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#4. Reebok Girl’s Bralette – Best Starter for Teens

Reebok Girl's Bralette - Best Starter for Teens

Strapless bandeaus or bralettes are another must-have in teenagers’ intimate collections. These Rebook packs of six seamless and strapless bandeaus are extremely comfortable to wear. If you want a nice fitted bra to wear underneath your strapless tops and dresses, these bras could be your best picks. 

One of the common issues with strapless bras is that they don’t stay in place. But this shouldn’t be an issue with these Rebook ones. These training bras for teens are incredibly stretchy and firm fitting, so they won’t roll over and won’t make you conscious. 

Although quite firm fitting, these bras are very breathable without making you feel something is trapping your chest. Additionally, the fabric is seamfree, super soft, and rash free; hence skin rashes would no longer bother you. 

The best part is these bras have removable cups. If you don’t like to wear bras with cups, you can remove them. Also, removable cups make washing bras very easy. 

These bras are available from medium to extra large sizes; therefore, every body type will find their size. These bras are extremely stretchy, so even though these don’t have a small size, small-size girls can also wear them.

Super snug fit.Some complain that these bras are not true to size.
Breathable fabric.
Removable cups.

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#5. Calvin Klein Teenage Training Bra

Calvin Klein Teenage Training Bra

When it comes to undergarments, Calvin Klein is an unbeatable brand. Their bras are super comfortable to wear, and these Girls’ Training bralettes are no exception. These wire-free bras have a pull-on style, so it’s super easy to put on and take off. 

Additionally, the adjustable straps give a snug fit and ensure everyone gets the fit they want. The ultrasmooth and breathable fabric will ensure that your chest does not get sweaty while you juggle between your classes. 

These bras also feature the iconic Calvin Klein elastic underband for added comfort and great fit. 

These bras come in a wide range of sizes, so finding your perfect match shouldn’t be an issue. But please note that these bras don’t have padded cups, so you won’t find these bras very useful if that’s your essential requirement.

Breathable cotton fabric.Does not have padded cups.
Available in a wide size range.
Adjustable straps.

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#6. Barbra Lingerie Comfortable Bra for Teenager

Barbra Lingerie Comfortable Bra for Teenager

Girls looking for stylish yet not too fancy bras can go for the Barbra Lingerie molded cup light padded bras. Barbra strapless bras are made from breathable fabrics to provide maximum comfort for everyday wear. 

These bras are wireless, so you won’t experience rashes or skin irritation while you wear them for longer durations. But as these bras have a V-cut neck, so you might face the problem of the cups slipping off. 

The Barbra bras are made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex, ensuring maximum comfort. Barbra makers specify that these bras are best for small breasted girls because the size variation isn’t vast. 

These come in a pack of five, and the pack includes all the neutral colors, so they will go under all types of tops, shirts, or dresses.

Wireless cups for comfortable wear.The cups may slip.
Breathable fabric.Size availability isn’t wide.
Great fit.

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#7. Fruit Of The Loom Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra for Teenagers

Fruit Of The Loom Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra for Teenagers

The Fruit Of The Loom Girls’ sports bra for teenagers is best for girls who have just entered puberty. The spaghetti style bras are very comfortable to wear because they sit smoothly on your skin. 

These beginner bras are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so getting in these bras will be easier. Additionally, the elastic waistband will provide a comfortable fit while keeping your breast in shape. 

Also, the 2-ply front coverage ensures that your nipples don’t peek through your shirt or top, which can be very uncomfortable for teens who have just started wearing bras.

These beginner bras are available in a wide size range, but these may not be perfect for heavy chested teens as the straps are not strong enough to support them.

Two-ply front coverage for more coverage.Does not have padded cups.
Elastic waistband.Size availability isn’t wide.
Breathable fabric.

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#8. Popular Girls Beginner Sports Bra

Popular Girls Sports Racerback Bra

If you need some good-quality sports bras for your teen daughter, you can check out these Popular Racerback bras. The racerback style provides maximum comfort while keeping your breasts in shape. 

They have a super snug fit, so whether you run, jump or sprint, your breasts won’t bounce. These bras aren’t too tight, so transitioning into wearing bras won’t be a painful experience. 

Apart from the fit, the next important thing about bras is the fabric. These racerback cotton bras are super soft, and the spandex adds the required stretch. 

These bras come in a wide range of prints and patterns, so you won’t run out of options. The Popular size inclusive bras are available for girls from 7 to 16 years, so there is a choice for everyone.

Wide size variety.Does not have adjustable straps.
Racerback for enhanced support.
Excellent fit.

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#9. Phennie’s Lightly Padded Training Bras for Young Teens

Phennie's Lightly Padded Training Bras for Young Teens

Teen girls get through so many body insecurities, and small breast sizes are one of them. If you’re going through similar insecurities, the Phennie’s might just solve your issue. These lightly padded bras for teenagers keep your bras in perfect shape without making them look unnaturally big. 

It has a three hook closure, hence getting them on and off isn’t an issue. Plus, you can adjust the closure based on how tight you want your fit. 

These bras are super comfortable, so you won’t feel suffocated if you have just started wearing bras. The fabric has a blend of cotton and spandex, again great fabrics for regular wear. 

These bras are best for girls between 12 to 18 years. I would suggest you size up as these run a bit smaller.

Padded cups for great coverage.Some complain that the straps get a bit loose after a few washes.
3 hook closure to adjust the fitting.
Provides perfect support.

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#10. Fruit Of The Loom Girls’ Stylish Convertible Bra for Teenagers

Fruit Of The Loom Girls' Stylish Convertible Bra for Teenagers

Teens looking for stylish and edgy bras will love the Fruit Of The Loom convertible bras. The convertible straps can be worn in different styles, so they will be perfect to wear underneath one shoulder or strapless dresses/ tops. 

Like most bras, these are also made from cotton and spandex, so there is no compromise on comfort. I think these bras are the best pick for teens who like fancy undergarments. 

The straps are adjustable, and there is a hook closure on the front, providing the perfect fit as well. These bras are available in both neutral and poppy shades. Additionally, they come in some cute prints too.

Convertible straps to wear in different styles.No padded cups.
Breathable and soft fabric.The waistband could have been a bit wider.
Excellent fit.
Wide size variety.

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#11. Herepai Big Girls Bra

Herepai Big Girls Bra

If you like the combination of padded cups with the bralette look, the Herepai bras might be your new favorite. These are slightly padded, giving your breast a nice shape without making you look busty.  

These bras are specifically designed to keep teen bodies in mind, so fit should not be an issue. Plus, there is a hook closure and adjustable strap so you can secure the fit as per your comfort. 

The cup coverage is also great; therefore, side slippage won’t be an issue even for big breasted girls. Due to the smooth fabrics, you’ll feel comfortable wearing them all day long. 

These bras have a very basic look; hence you can’t expect a fancy look out of these. The Herepaid bras have removable pads; you can get rid of them if you’re not a fan of padded cups.

Padded cups.Features a very basic design.
Great coverage.
Adjustable straps.

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#12. VeaRin Wireless Padded Bra for Teenager

VeaRin Wireless Padded Bra for Teenager

Teens need bras that make their transitioning experience from inners to bras pleasant, and VeaRin knows how to do it the right way. These wireless padded bras are super comfortable without making your chest feel suffocated. 

Moreover, the breathable and ultrasoft fabrics ensure enough air circulation preventing your chest from getting very sweaty. These will work best if you want well-structured bras to wear underneath your fitted tips. 

The VeaRin bras are lightly padded and nicely structured, making your breast look beautiful. The straps and bands are strong enough to support large size breasts; hence they are best for teens with varying cup sizes. 

The bras have a hooked closure which is durable and firm. But these hooks may not stay rust-free after multiple washes.

Wireless structure.The straps could have been stronger.
Padded cups for a nice shape.
Adjustable straps.

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#13. Risscan Strapless Stylish Bra for Teenager

Risscan Strapless Stylish Bra for Teenager

Teens who love exploring different lingerie styles would love this Risscan lace bandeau strapless bra. The lacy design gives a sensuous look, making the bandeau perfect to wear under blazers or shrugs for a stylish look. 

This bandeau is padded and stretchy enough to keep your breast in place without the risk of slippage. The bra has a beautiful silhouette with the perfect stretch to fit every body type. 

Some lacy bras are not very comfortable because the lace pricks the skin. But that won’t be an issue with the Risscan Lace Bandeau because it’s made from soft polyester lace and spandex that feels gentle on the skin. 

The pads are removed, so if you’re not a fan of wearing padded bras, you can totally avoid them. But the only drawback of lace bras is that the fabrics are not very long lasting.

Perfect fit.The lace may not be very durable.
Super soft fabric.
Flexible enough for all body types.

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#14. Popular Girls Training Tube Bra

Popular Girls Training Tube Bra

Having a few different types of bandeaus or strapless bras is always the best. Staples tops and dresses are currently a teen fashion trend, and bandeaus like this Popular strapless bra are the best to wear underneath such clothes. 

Popular bras have ribbed bands with appropriate compression to hug your body. Due to its tight and stretchy bands, the bra won’t roll over, so you don’t have to be conscious every minute of your bra slipping off. 

These bandeaus don’t have hook closure so getting into them is also easier. The fabric is again very soft and will sit plain on your skin. There are two color options: one has all the neutral colors, and the other has bright shades like pink and blue. 

These bras come only in one size, so make sure you check the measurements well. Although they are quite stretchy, heavy chested girls might find it difficult to wear them.

Perfect for Active Play.Material can be better.
Easy Pull on design.
Breathable and soft fabric.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bra Is Best For Daily Use For Teenagers?

Regular non-padded bras made with cotton are best for daily use for teens who are just starting to wear bras. But if you want more coverage and shape, teens can wear lightly padded, non-wired bras regularly.

Which Type Of Bra Is Good For Teenagers?

T-shirt bras, brallete and slip-on bras are the best for teens. They are easy to put on and comfortable for everyday wear.

What is Average Bra Size For A Teenager?

The average bra size for teens between the age of 11 to 15 is 28B to 30C, and for teens between the age of 16 to 18, the average bra size is 32B to 34C. However, these sizes may vary based on growth and hereditary factors.

How To Measure Bra Size For Teenagers?

Take a measuring tape and stand straight without wearing a bra. Wrap the tape around your back to the front of your chest to know your cup size. And to measure your underbust, follow the same procedure, but you have to measure the area where the bra band sits. 
You shouldn’t hold the tape too tight or too loose. It rather should feel sung.

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I hope this recommendations for the best bras for teenagers has helped you pick a few products that you think will be best for your body. I have shortlisted products considering comfort, size, style, and wearability. Do check the material well before buying bras because, be it a bra or any other clothing piece, comfort should be the key. 

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