Best Boxers for Teenage Boys & Girls

When it comes to choosing the right underwear for teenage, boxer shorts are a popular choice. They provide comfort, breathability, and a loose fit that allows for freedom of movement. But with so many options available, how do you know which boxer shorts are the best for your teen?

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top boxer shorts for teenage boys, covering everything from materials to design. We’ll also be considering the latest trends in boxer shorts for teens, so you can keep your teen looking and feeling great.

But that’s not all – we’ll also be providing tips on how to choose the right size, care for and maintain your teen’s boxer shorts, and even how to talk to your teen about the importance of proper underwear. Whether your teen is looking for a classic style or something more trendy, this article has got you covered.

So if you’re ready to help your teen feel comfortable and confident in their underwear, read on for our top picks for the best boxer shorts for teens.

Best Boxers for Teens

Boxer Shorts for Teen Boys

Here are some of the best boxers for teen boys.

#1. Calvin Klein Boy’s Cotton Boxer Briefs Underwear

Calvin Klein Boy's Cotton Boxer Briefs Underwear

Calvin Klein boy’s boxers perfectly blend quasi-sexy style and comfort. Its pull-on closure design provides a secure grip on the waist, so it remains intact in its position. Above all, the boxer brief has a long leg ensuring good coverage and snugly fitting. The soft and elastic waistband is specifically designed for teens with sensitive skin. These boy boxers are made of 95% cotton fabric and quickly absorb moisture and keep your teen dry all day long. Quality-wise, the assorted boxers are incredibly soft, stretchy, and durable, making them perfect for everyday use.

Plus, the boxers are machine wash safe. You can easily rinse it in cold water and air dries it. Calvin Klein’s modern assorted boxer briefs are available in packs of four colors. Moreover, the sizes available are up to XL, so I recommend checking the size chart before purchasing it.

Soft and durable boxer.Not for plus-size teens.
Easy to wash.
Soft elastic waistband for comfort.
Optimal fitting.


If comfort and breathability are the priority for your teen, Calvin Klein modern boy boxer brief is perfect. It has a moisture-wicking capacity which allows quick moisture absorption. It’s a cotton-based boxer, so that stretchiness might be a limitation. You can also try different assorted color combos of boxers for teens. Moreover, the package has four boxer briefs, so that it could be a fair deal.

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#2. CONKEND Teen Boys Sport Cotton Boxer Briefs

CONKEND Teen Boys Sport Cotton Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs from CONKEND are all about breathability and performance. Its elastic closure allows a perfect grip on your teen’s waist and ensures the leg doesn’t bind or bunch. Featuring a U-type flying double-layer crotch that offers perfect stretch and protection seamlessly. The boxers have a thin elastic waistband that ensures great comfort and sits nicely on the waistline. 

The waistband doesn’t roll down from the waist keeping its shape intact after extended use. The boxers are made with 95% quality cotton, making it soft, breathable, and comfy. The cotton fabric has a good moisture-wicking property, allowing quick absorption to keep your teen cool and fresh all day. Very easy to clean but only recommended to wash with hands.

Elastic closure legs and waistband for easy fitting.Hand wash only.
Quick drying and breathable.
Skin-friendly cotton fabric.
Lightweight and durable.


This will be a must-have if you want stylish yet comfy boxer briefs for growing teens. Very elastic and stretchy, your teens will have ultimate comfort and do their physical movements without restrictions. The elastic band provides secure fitting. Plus, you get a set of 5 different boxer briefs packing. Various color variants are available, so you have lots of options to choose from.

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#3. Hanes Teen Boys Comfort Soft Waistband Boxer Briefs 

Hanes Teen Boys Comfort Soft Waistband Boxer Briefs

Finding a boxer brief that has exceptional build quality and is very lightweight? Try out Hanes Boys’ boxer briefs. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the boxer briefs are very breathable and comfortable to wear. Also, with moisture-wicking quality, the fabric helps to dry off excess moisture keeping you dry all day quickly. Furthermore, it has a soft elastic waistband, ideal for teens having sensitive skin.

It has a pulled-on closure design that allows firm gripping over the waistline, ensuring optimal fitting. Since it’s thin and lightweight, your teen can move freely and enjoy a maximum range of motion without feeling discomfort. The boxers are machine wash safe. You can even wash it with your hands with cold water and mild detergent. The boxer’s briefs are available in 5 different assorted designs.

Pull on the closure for a great fitting.A thick waistband might be uncomfortable for some teens.
Unique color patterns.
Quick drying property.
Cool comfort technology to keep you dry.


Hanes boy’s soft waistband boxer brief is ideal for daily use. You get five solid color combos and a print design. Moreover, you get great moisture-wicking capacity that helps to keep you dry. Super easy to wash and affordable, this would be a great addition to the teen’s wardrobe.

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#4. Fruit of the Loom Teen Boys Cotton Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Teen Boys Cotton Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs are made with 90% cotton, making them extremely comfortable. Its pulled-on closure design provides a firm hold when you wear it and ensures the boxer doesn’t bind or bend. The soft and stretchy waistband sits optimally around the waist and is good for sensitive skin.

The boxer can easily absorb moisture to keep you cool and dry. Moreover, it provides complete coverage and has a tag-free design for superior comfort. Plus, it’s machine wash safe; you can easily wash it off, and the air dries it effortlessly. The super comfy striped design boxer briefs have wider crotch areas for good stretch and fitting. Meanwhile, you get a pack of 6 assorted colored boxer briefs, making it a great value pack for a whole week.

Value for money.Sizing problem faced by some users.
Pull on the closure for a good fit.
Wicks moisture quickly.
Durable and long-lasting.


These boxer briefs have been designed keeping all-day comfort in mind. Along with good fitting, these boxers have soft waistbands, and I love the amazing color assorted designs. If your teen boy sweats a lot, these cotton-based boxers fit them right. Of the above, you get a pack of six boxers that is great for a whole week.

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#5. B.U.M. Equipment Boys Underwear Performance Boxer Briefs

B.U.M. Equipment Boys Underwear Performance Boxer Briefs

The athletic-inspired design of the performance boxers has been designed by considering modern customers in mind. Made with 92% polyester, that dries off quickly and ensures good stretch. This boxer brief quickly wicks moisture to keep you cool and fresh while doing vigorous physical activity. The compression boxer is made with stretchy fabric and a wider waistband that offers a snuggly fitting and full range of motion.

It features a contour pouch that is designed for added support and comfort. This compression boxer helps to keep everything in place and reduces chafing. The boxers are machine wash safe and don’t fade away easily. Moreover, you get a multipack value of 6 high-quality boxers in one price on one. This is a value-for-money boxer pack you can purchase for your teen.

Easy to clean.Limited color variants.
Contour pouch for added comfort.
Prevent chafing.
Absorb moisture quickly.


If you want a boxer for a teen who participates in sports activities, this is a must to have a product. It provides adequate support and is made with polyester that is super stretchy and comfortable to wear. Plus, you get a pack of 6 boxer briefs having different colors and prints. So, this could be a perfect combo for your teenager’s weekly requirements.

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#6. Under Armour Teen Boys Lightweight & Stretchable Boxer Briefs

Under Armour Teen Boys Lightweight & Stretchable Boxer Briefs

If you’re exploring boxer briefs for your little athlete, Under Armour boy’s performance boxer brief is best. Made with 90% polyester fabric that ensures great stretch and absorbs moisture easily to keep your teen dry while playing. The elastic closure design provides great fitting and keeps the boxer intact. Its slim-fitting design, athletic cut, and good leg length provide optimal coverage. 

Moreover, the four-way fabrication provides greater mobility while running and jumping. The thick waistband sits around the waist perfectly and doesn’t roll down. A wide range of color and size options are available, so there will be a perfect size boxer for all sizes of teens.

Machine wash safe.Incorrect sizing issues observe.
Pack of two boxers.
Slim fit design with excellent leg coverage.
Stretchy fabric and highly durable.


Under Armour boxer briefs are excellent for active teens. The polyester fabric provides great stretch and flexibility for the freedom of motion. Its slimmer design provides snuggly fitting and prevents bending and rolling of the waistband. The boxer’s briefs are good for daily use and easy to clean. However, unlike other boxer brief sets where you get either pack of four or six, you only get two boxer sets. If comfort and flexibility matter for your teen, this would be a must to try briefly.

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#7. Nintendo Teen Boys Super Mario Boxer Briefs

Nintendo Teen Boys Super Mario Boxer Briefs

These Nintendo Boy boxer briefs are perfect for teen boys who love funky and quirky boxers. These boxer briefs are made with 92% polyester making them ultra comfortable to wear all day long. The boxer briefs have been made with Coolcraft technology for super cool softness. These boxer briefs are ideal for teens with sensitive skin issues as they wick moisture quickly and dry your teen.

Its pull-on closure design allows a good fitting and provides phenomenal coverage. Plus, the fun prints and designs are surely loved by teen boys. You get multiple packs of four briefs and sizes available. The boxer briefs are both hand wash and machine washes safe.

Funky print designs.The waistband is thinner.
Ultra-soft fabric.
Durable and long-lasting.
Machine wash safe.


Nintendo Boxer briefs are super fun and specially designed for teens’ comfort. The polyester fabric offers appropriate stretch, ideal for the range of motion. Boxers’ legs are wider and long enough for complete coverage. Moreover, the 4pk athletic design comes with Coolcraft technology for extra softness and added comfort. Overall, I would recommend trying these cool style briefs for your teens.

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Boyshorts for Teen Girls

#8. CADMUS Teen Girls Spandex Workout Pro Shorts

CADMUS Teen Girls Spandex Workout Pro Shorts

CADMUS women’s workout boxers are a good mix of polyester and spandex, making them a good fit fabric for the whole day. The cuffed details and fabric stretch make it comfortable to wear. The waistband has an ideal thickness, so it won’t slip down and ensure a relaxed fit. 

Moreover, the fabric dries quickly and has a good absorbance capacity. This would be a perfect workout partner for women and keep them sweat free for hours. It has a triangular gusset that allows a complete range of motion. The flatlock seams reduce the chafing and improve comfort while wearing it. On top of that, it comes in a pack of 3 and different sizes available. However, make sure to consider the size chart before purchasing them.

Elastic closure for perfect fitting.Leg rolls down.
Flat elastic waistband for a smooth fit.
Stretchable and comfortable to wear.
Quick drying fabric.


CADMUS women’s workout shorts are ideal for proactive teens that do regular workout. Super thin fabric with good moisture-wicking capacity, it’s a great boxer to wear regularly. You get three shorts for the price of one so I would suggest giving a try to the workout shorts.

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#9. Calvin Klein Teen Girls Cotton Bralette and Boyshort Set

Calvin Klein Teen Girls Cotton Bralette and Boyshort Set

Boyshorts lovers fall in love with the Calvin Klein boyshorts set. Made with an incredible mix of cotton and elastane, this boyshorts set is super-soft and comfortable. The fabric is super soft and has great stretch for optimal fit. This two-piece set comes with a racerback sports bra and boyshorts with a logoed elastic band. There is a cotton gusset on the panty for added support and comfort. 

The tag-less pull-on closure design ensures good fitting, and the thick waistband helps to keep the boy shorts stable. The boy shorts set is machine wash safe so you can easily keep it fresh and dry for longer. If comfort matters, this would be perfect for your teens, especially those actively participating in physical activities.

Good moisture-wicking capacity.Limited color variants available.
Super comfy and extra stretchy fabric.
Easy to wash.
Racerback sports bra included.


Calvin Klein Bralette and boyshorts set is a perfect pair for the ultimate comfort of teens. The fabric is soft and thin and ensures good fitting. Its thick elastic band prevents rolling of the waistband down and keeps boyshorts in its place. Overall, this Bralette and boyshorts are surely loved by your teen daughter.

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#10. Reebok Teen Girls Seamless Boyshort Underwear

Reebok Teen Girls Seamless Boyshort Underwear

Active teens need active boyshorts for great performance. This seamless pack of four boyshorts by Reebok is made with soft stretch fabric that ensures premium comfort. The boyshorts panties build seamlessly and have a tag-free design so you can stay comfy the whole day. Furthermore, the longer leg helps to prevent chafing, and the thick logo waistband sits snugly on the waist. 

Plus, these shorts are easy to wash and safe to wash in the machine. These boyshorts are made with nylon and spandex that absorb moisture quickly, keeping you cool and dry. Reebok girl’s boyshorts are durable and long-lasting for months. So, it would be an excellent investment for your teen’s comfort.

Skin-friendly fabrics.The leg bands may roll up.
Machine wash safe.
Full coverage and perfect fitting.
Reduce chafing and make it comfortable to wear.


Reebok is known for its quality and comfort. The seamless boyshorts have a slim-fitting design to ensure a good fitting. The only downside is leg bands may roll down. However, the thicker waistband stays in position. So your teen doesn’t feel any rolling issues. You get a pack of four boyshorts, so that would be a great deal. I recommend checking size properly or using a size chart to choose the right fitting boyshorts.

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#11. LALESTE Teen Girls Full Coverage Seamless Stretchable Boxer Briefs

LALESTE Teen Girls Full Coverage Seamless Stretchable Boxer Briefs

LALESTE boyshorts for women have an irresistible side-less design and ensure complete comfort. Its tag-less design makes your teens confident and flaunts a perfect figure. The boyshorts are made with a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester. The mixed fabric provides adequate stretch and moisture-wicking capacity, making it suitable for sports and daily use.

Due to high stretching capability, your teens can quickly move, run and jump freely. Its breathable design and deodorant technology helps to keep you comfortable and relaxed all day. Moreover, the fabric is excellent for sensitive skin as it doesn’t cause allergies. The classic colored boyshorts are available, so it goes perfectly with active sportswear t-shirts, under-dresses, and skirts.

Full coverage and great stretch.Legs are shorter.
Breathable design to keep you dry.
Thick waistband for support.
Preshrunk for lasting fit.


The boyshorts are perfect for daily wear, comfort, and active women. The bind-proof leg opening ensures no panty lines are visible under the dress. Above this, the fabric is breathable and stretchy enough to support a wide range of motion. Though the legs are short, they provide full coverage to the hip. Moreover, you get a complete set of five basic boyshorts in one package, so it’s perfectly worth having for everyday comfort.

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And there you have it – our top picks for the best boxer shorts for teenage boys! We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you towards the right choice for your teen’s needs.

Remember, when it comes to choosing the right boxer shorts for your teen, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort, fit, and durability. Look for materials that are breathable and moisture-wicking, as well as designs that offer a good balance between style and practicality.

And don’t forget about proper care and maintenance – regular washing and drying will help keep your teen’s boxer shorts looking and feeling great for longer.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your teen feels comfortable and confident in their underwear. So whether you opt for classic styles or something more trendy, make sure it’s a choice that works for them.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this article helpful. If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!


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