Best Bathrobe for College Students

Bathrobes are no longer after shower apparel. For college students, bathrobes work best as comfort or loungewear. It keeps you warm and comfy, and something students need to keep them cozy. Therefore, you must get your hands on some of the best bathrobes for college students. 

But there are different varieties of bathrobes out there. They come in different materials like- cotton, silk, satin, fleece, etc. Cotton bathrobes are best because you can wear them in all seasons. 

But if you want a cozier fit for winter, fleece bathrobes are the best. Moreover, for better style and look, satin bathrobes give a premium feel. 

I have a detailed guide on selecting the best robe for students that are comfy, high-quality, and won’t cost you a lot. Additionally, I’ll share the things you should keep in mind while buying a bathrobe. 

So, let’s get started.

My Top Three Recommendations for Most Comfortable Robe for Teenage Girls and Boys

Here is a quick round-up of my top three picks of best robes for students:

Best for Boys: David Archy Men's Soft Fleece Plush Robe - "The David Archy Men's Soft Fleece Plush Robe is best for boys. It's a soft, long, plush robe best for lounging, sleeping, and relaxing. The robe feels super cozy owning to the premium quality fleece fabric."

Best for Girls: NY Thread Store Women Fleece Hooded Bathrobe - "My top pick for the best girls' bathrobe is the NY Thread Store Women Fleece Hooded Bathrobe. It has a stylish design, made from ultra-soft material to keep you warm and comfortable."

Best Unisex: Pinzon Store Unisex Terry Bathrobe - "The Pinzone Store Unisex Terry Bathrobe has a neutral design making it my top pick for unisex bathrobes for teens. It's made from luxurious and breathable cotton fabric to keep you comfy all day long."

Thngs You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing Bathrobes for College Students 

A bathrobe should make you feel comfortable and cozy, which is why you must consider the following factors while buying one- 

Fabric Quality

Bathrobes come in all materials, from cotton to silk. You need to consider the quality depending on your usage. If you need a bathrobe to slip in after the shower, you should go for a cotton one to absorb the moisture. 

For lounging around or to wear in between cloth changes, satin or silk ones are perfect. Ribbed or fuzzy bathrobes are also great for a cozy feel. 

Make sure the bathrobe you pick has high-quality fabric and does not cause skin itchiness or irritation. 

Consider Length & Weight

Next comes the length and weight. Do you want a long robe or a short one? Check different options from different brands and see which length you like the most. 

Considering your height while buying a bathrobe is also essential. Boys are generally taller than girls, so the same product will have a different fit.  

If you carry your bathrobe to school/ college to change in between activities, you should pick a lightweight product. You already have a heavy bag full of books; a bulky bathrobe will make the bag even heavier. 


Paying attention to the design is as important as any other factor when buying the best robes for students. The design also varies depending on your usage. 

If you need a bathrobe to wear only after shower, a simple cotton one will be the best. Girls who want to wear bathrobes as loungewear will love a silk or satin one with lace detailing. 

Boys should also decide on the design based on the usage. 


Last but not least, consider the price. Design, material, and brand are generally the deciding factors. Usually, you’ll find a great quality bathrobe under $50. But, of course, high-end brands will charge more for even a simple robe. 

I’ve shortlisted some of the best and most comfortable bathrobes for college students after considering the above factors. Let’s check them out-

Best Bathrobe for College Students

#1. Towel Selections Bathrobe for College Students

Towel Selections Bathrobe for College Students

The Towel Selections women’s bathrobe is made from 100% absorbent Turkish cotton for a comfortable and lux fit. The soft feather fabric is best to slip into after a shower or a good swim for a cozy feel. 

The robe comes to your knee for adequate coverage, so you don’t feel uncomfortable if you want to lounge in it as well. 

The soft and warm fabric will just feel like your second skin without causing any irritation or skin rashes. The multipurpose bathrobe also has a practical design. 

It features a shawl design with a belt for secure closure. Two pockets on the front also come in handy to keep your phone, lip balm, or other essentials. 

This high-quality robe is super durable with secured stitches, so it’ll last you a long time. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors, so there is an option for everyone.

Cozy and comfortable fit.The arm length is a bit short.
Practical design.
Ultrasmooth fabric.

Verdict: With a soft, cozy, and comfortable fit, the Towel Selections Women’s Bathrobe is a great bathrobe to get your hands on. Teens looking for a luxury bathrobe would love this product.

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#2. Pinzon Unisex Cotton Comfortable Bathrobe

Pinzon Unisex Cotton Comfortable Bathrobe

The Pinzon Store unisex Terry bathrobe is best for college teens looking for the perfect luxurious bathrobe to slip in after showers. 

Made from 100% cotton, this is the best bathrobe for teenage boys and girls. It’s zero twist cotton fibers ensure breathability and a supremely soft feel. The durable fabric is also highly absorbent, keeping you dry and fresh. 

The bathrobe is machine washable so cleaning it also won’t be an issue at all. The design features shawl collars, two front pockets, and a removable belt.

Quick drying & high-absorbent fabric.A bit bulky.
Premium feel.
Machine washable.

Verdict: The Pinzon Store Unisex Terry Bathrobe is best for teens needing an after-shower bathrobe that is highly absorbent, quick dry, and has a cozy fit.

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#3. Alexander Del Rossa Long Hooded Bathrobe for Teenage Girls

Alexander Del Rossa Long Hooded Bathrobe for Teenage Girls

One of my top picks for fleece bathrobes for girls is this one from the Alexander Del Rossa store. Made from two times thicker than average fleece, this bathrobe will keep you cozy. 

The ultra-soft and comfy fabric feels like you’re wearing a soft blanket. The bathrobe is best to slip into after a long day at school. You’ll love lounging around in the robe after school hours. 

The best thing about this bathrobe is that even though it’s thick, it’s lightweight. You’ll not feel any weight wearing it. It has a tie around design with big pockets on the side to keep your essentials and a hooded cap. 

It’s machine washable but wash it only on a gentle cycle to keep it in the best condition.

Thicker and warmer fabric.Not for very rough use.
Full-length bathrobe for maximum comfort.
Does not shed lint.

Verdict: Teens who like their bathrobes to feel like soft blankets will love the Alexander Del Rossa Store Bathrobe for Women bathrobe. It’s a good lightweight bathrobe for teenage girls.

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#4. NY Threads Fleece Hooded Bathrobe for Students

NY Threads Fleece Hooded Bathrobe for Students

The NY Thread Store women’s fleece hooded bathrobe is the perfect partner after a long, tiring day. This cute and fluffy bathrobe is made from quality flannel fleece for ultimate comfort and all-day wear. 

It’s a full-length bathrobe keeping you warm and cozy every time you wear it. It comes with a wrap belt for a secure fit, the hood will protect your ears from the chill, and there are two front pockets to keep small items or to keep your hands warm. 

You can machine wash the robe but don’t bleach or iron it to keep it in the best shape.

Warm & plush.There might be some lint shedding after each wash.
Comes with a hood and pocket for maximum comfort.
Tie a knot for the perfect fit.

Verdict: Stylish, cozy, plush, and warm, the NY Thread Store Women Fleece Hooded Bathrobe is the perfect bathrobe for teens to lounge around.

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#5. DAVID ARCHY Full Length Long Bathrobe for Teenage Boys

DAVID ARCHY Full Length Long Bathrobe for Teenage Boys

Lounge around in style with the David Archy men’s soft fleece plush robe. Made from high-quality soft fleece, this soft-as-skin bathrobe is one of the popular picks for the best bathrobe for men. 

The hooded robe has a shawl collar design, large enough pockets, and a non-removable inside self-tie belt for a secure fit. The fine details in the design and the unique color combination look elegant while providing the perfect fit. 

The stylish bathrobe comes in multiple colors, so everyone has an option. It’s machine washable but avoid washing it with other clothes for fabric longevity.

Stylish design.The bathrobe is a bit heavy.
Adjustable tie closure.
Machine washable.

Verdict: Comfort & style go hand in hand with the David Archy Men’s Soft Fleece Plush Robe. Boys who love some luxury relaxing time would love wearing this bathrobe.

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#6. Femofit Hooded Reversible Loungewear for Teenage Girls

Femofit Hooded Reversible Loungewear for Teenage Girls

The Femofit hooded bathrobe will be your perfect partner for a long, lazy, and relaxing day at home. The long, plush, and fluffy robe is made from Shu cotton fleece that’ll feel like you’re wearing a soft blanket. 

Also, the material is anti-pilling with minimal shedding for durability. Plus, this hooded robe is reversible, so you can wear it from both sides. 

The robe gives a stylish fit so that you can lounge around in style. The two roomy pockets on the side come in handy to keep your remote and phone, and they will also keep your hands warm & cozy.

Premium fabric.The fitting is slightly loose.
Soft & lush feel.
Pockets and the hood.

Verdict: Featuring a very stylish design and premium fabric, the Femofit Women’s Hooded Bathrobe is a popular robe choice among teens.

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#7. HEARTNICE Soft Lightweight Bathrobe for College Girl

HEARTNICE Soft Lightweight Bathrobe for College Girl

Get your hands on this multipurpose bathrobe from Heatnice. You can use both as after shower apparel and for lounging around after a long hectic day. 

This kimono style robe is made from premium cotton and is lightweight, durable, and also super gentle on your skin. It has an external and internal adjustable strap to keep the robe in place no matter how you move. 

Moreover, there are two pockets on the front, making it super convenient. Cleaning the bathrobe is easy as it’s machine washable and tumble dry to make it last even longer.

Made from 100% cotton.The fabric may shrink if washed repeatedly.
Lightweight and soft.
Machine washable.

Verdict: Soft and lightweight teens would love wearing the Heartnice Womens Cotton Robe. It’s easier to clean, has a stylish design, and is not too expensive.

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#8. Amazon Essentials Long Bathrobe for Teenage Boys

Amazon Essentials Long Bathrobe for Teenage Boys

College boys looking for an ultra-comfortable robe would love this Amazon essential shawl bathrobe. Made from soft, breathable waffle knit fabric, the robe is best for unwinding a long busy day at college. 

The midi-length shawl robe has a premium design that will make you look stylish. The tie closure provides a secure fit, and the full sleeves will keep your hands perfectly warm. 

It has white piping detailing on the sleeves, collar, and also on pocket. You can machine wash the robe for easy cleaning.

Adjustable tie closure for a snug fit.Not very long-lasting.
Comfortable material.
Easy to clean.

Verdict: Boys who love themselves a stylish robe with intricate detailing should go for the Amazon Essentials Men’s Waffle Shawl Robe.

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#9. Zexxxy Teenage Girl After Shower Robe with Adjustable Straps

Zexxxy Teenage Girl After Shower Robe with Adjustable Straps

I thought, why not include something that’s a bit different than your usual bathrobe? The towel dress is made from highly absorbent fabric for quick drying. 

Wrapping around a towel is not really secure. But you won’t have the issue with this Zexxy towel dress. There are two side straps that are super stretchy and durable and provide a comfortable fit saving you from the embarrassment of accidental slips. 

The cozy towel dress has two side pockets, and the best part is it comes with a matching facial headband that teens would love. 

Cleaning the towel dress is easy. All you have to do is dump it in your machine and tumble dry it in low heat.

Quick drying, soft, and premium fabric.Lint shedding during the wash.
Two side straps for a better fit.
Comes with a matching headband.

Verdict: Teens looking for a cute and comfy towel dress would instantly fall in love with the Zexxy Women’s Bath/ Sower Wrap Towel Dress. It is budget-friendly, has a cute design, and comes with a matching headband that teens would love.

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#10. TowelSelections Teenage Boys Turkish Cotton Spa Bathrobe

TowelSelections Teenage Boys Turkish Cotton Spa Bathrobe

Last but not least, I’m ending my list of the best and most comfy bathrobes with the TowelSelection men’s robe. The kimono collar-style robe is lightweight and is made from quick-drying fabric. 

The robe is made from 100% cotton that is gentle on the skin and won’t cause any irritable feelings. The long multipurpose bathrobe is best to wear after showers or to lounge around. 

The soft, cozy fabric will keep you warm when you step outside the pool or spa. Additionally, the belt and front pockets make it even better.

Stylish and practical design.Lint shedding during the wash.
Comfortable fit.
Lightweight and soft fabric.

Verdict: If you are the one who is looking for comfortable and lightweight robe then go for it. The sleeves are not much wide so go for it if you don’t like wide sleeves. Overall the fabric is good and fit as expected.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are some of the best bathrobes for college students. The products listed are made from premium quality fabric, are not too heavy, and most of them provide versatile use. 

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!


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