Best Apple Watch for Teenage Students

Apple Watch has always been chart-topping when it comes to sales, and its popularity among teenagers is on the next level. Moreover, around 87% of the 71,000 teenagers own an iPhone, so they prefer getting an Apple Watch for seamless connectivity.

Does buying an Apple Watch for teenager kid make sense? According to a survey conducted by CDD, approximately 75% of American children are obese and have less than 60 minutes of activities throughout the day. So, pre-loaded fitness apps in the Apple Watch can help your kid stay active while the apps track their fitness and performance. 

In this article, you’ll find out the best Apple Watch for teenage students. Also, you’ll get to know if your teenage kid really needs an Apple smartwatch or if a regular smartwatch will be perfect for him.

Best Apple Watch for Teenage Students

There are some models that teens prefer and fall in the budget category, so parents love them too. Below we have listed the best Apple Watch for teenagers you should buy.

#1. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is one of the latest models loaded with plenty of features, including fall detection and Apple Pay. If your kid needs the latest smartwatch with a calling feature, you can choose Apple Watch SE. 

The bigger screen, and better durability, make this watch a good choice for kids. Also, the watch is swim-proof, thus, if your kid is into sports, he can use the watch to track his performance. 

The SOS feature on this watch enhances the safety, and it has even got a sleep app to help your kid get to sleep on time. 

Suggested Size for Teens: 40mm

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#2. Apple Watch Series 3

If budget is a thing, and your teenager kid is just starting with his first smartwatch, we recommend the Apple Watch Series 3. The watch features a huge touchscreen and has every essential feature teenagers need. 

The watch has highly precise sensors to determine the heart rate and the steps. It even gives activity reminders to the kids to help them stay active. Some other features of the watch include a barometric altimeter and GPS. 

Since the Series 3 is water-resistant, it can work during swimming or in the rain, enhancing its durability. 

Suggested Size for Teens: 38mm, and 40mm

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#3. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is also a budget option parents can consider for their kids. If your kid needs a watch with a bigger screen and the latest features, this is the watch you can get.

Series 6 has got highly precise sensors, so kids into sports will find it helpful. Also, the watch supports ECG, making this watch ideal for kids with heart-related ailments. 

Just like other models Series 6 also comes in GPS as well as cellular models.  Another impressive feature is the battery life, and kids that go to school and stay out of the house for hours should consider the Apple Watch 6. 

Suggested Size for Teens: 40mm

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Apple Watch for Teenager Kids 

There aren’t just one or two, but tons of reasons why parents prefer buying an Apple Watch for their teenage kids. Below we have gathered some pros and cons of the Apple Watch for teenagers. 

The Advantages of the Apple Watch for Teenager Kids 

Precise Health Tracking

As per stats, roughly 14.7 million teenagers in the United States alone are obese, which sums up around 19.7% of the population. Tracking health is really important, and the precision of the Apple Watch helps.

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch SE feature a heart rate tracking sensor and also track the steps precisely. Teenagers and their parents can easily figure out the health status of an individual depending on several factors, such as heart rate.

Emergency Call and SOS 

Emergencies are inevitable and can happen at any time. However, an Apple Watch can save the day by updating the emergency contacts of a teenager. Parents will find this feature in the Apple Watch SE Cellular version, and setting it up is really easy. 

The SOS feature sends quick alerts to all emergency contacts, and parents or guardians can take immediate action depending on the situation.

Helps Track, the Kid 

Since Apple Watches have a built-in GPS, it helps parents know where their kids are. The live location feature works pretty precisely and is beneficial for kids that cover long-distance or commute a lot to reach their schools. 

Keeps the Family Connected 

The family setup feature of the Apple Watch keeps the entire family connected. The head of a family can sync all Apple Watches together to quickly get an update about their kid’s activity. The family setup app gives details regarding the number of steps, heart rate, and other important details parents should know. 

Standalone options for making calls conveniently. 

The cellular options of the Apple Watch let the kids make calls even without a smartphone. There are some places where your teenage kid cannot take their phone, and that’s when the Apple Watch helps. 

An Easy way to Pay using Apple Pay

Paying through an Apple Watch is really convenient, and your kid no more has to call you to make the payment or carry the credit cards. Apple Watch is a really safe way to make payments and helps teenagers make the transactions they want. 

Custom Activity Reminder 

Being active has become even more important after the COVID-19 pandemic, and teenagers are least interested in doing any activity. The custom activity reminder feature of the Apple Watch reminds teenagers that they should move.

The watch gives alerts to stand up, walk, and do some activity. Parents that have synced their kid’s Apple Watch using Family Setup will get all details regarding how active their kids are. 


This is a feature that teenagers find really interesting, and it is helpful as well. Kids can communicate with each other without using their Apple Watch, and that does not require calling expenses of cellular models. 

Schooltime Hours 

Parents often worry if the smartwatch will divert their kid’s attention during school hours, but Apple has kept that in mind. These watches have Schooltime Hours that turn off all types of unimportant notifications, and the watch will not disturb your kid. 

Also, turning the Schooltime Hours on/off is easy, and the kids can do it quickly, without the smartphone. 


Generally, all Apple Watch models, including Series 3 and SE, are water-resistant and work fine even if they get wet. This also comes as an advantage for teenagers since some kids are into sports and swimming and cannot take off the smartwatch multiple times. 

The Disadvantages of the Apple Watch for Teenager Kids 


When compared to a regular smartwatch, Apple Watches are pretty expensive. Even the cheapest of models are more than 100 bucks.  


The latest Apple Watch models have got very durable, but the ones ideal for teenage kids are a bit fragile. The display doesn’t come with any sort of protective layer. Kids with a rough and tough schedule may find it hard to manage the Apple Watch. 

How to Set up Apple Watch for Teenagers? Important Features Parents Should Look for 

So, you have decided to get an Apple Watch for teenager kid? Well, there are some features parents should look for and set up when giving these watches to the kids. These features include: 

Fall Detection

Fall detection is a very helpful feature every parent should look for, and Apple has offered this feature in the Apple Watch SE, both cellular and GPS variants. Parents can enable it to get notifications regarding accidental falls of the kids. 

The watch automatically dials the emergency contact numbers and calls 911 as well to seek medical attention for the affected person.

How to Set up Fall Detection on Apple Watch 

  • Click on Settings, and scroll down, select SOS.
  • Choose Fall Detection, and turn it on. Keep the Fall Detection turned on throughout the day. 
  • Parents can also choose to keep it on when their kid works out. 

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is a helpful feature that lets your kids pay instantly with the smartwatch. All Apple Watch models except the Series 1 features the Apple Pay feature. 

How to Set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch 

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click on My Watch and then select Wallet and Apple Pay. 
  • If you have cards saved on your iPhone, you will be able to add them to your Apple Watch as well.
  • For new cards, tap on Add Card, and follow all on-screen instructions. 

Parents can control all cards added to their kid’s watches by using their iPhones. Also, there is an option to add Apple Cash, that’s the quickest and safest way to make transitions without exceeding limits. 

Family Setup 

Family Setup in watchOS 7 and later lets the family members enjoy using an Apple Watch without owning an iPhone. Also, it helps parents give Apple Pay access to their kids without adding credit cards to their iPhones. 

The Family Setup also helps parents give access to paid apps to their kids, and that helps reduce the overall distance. 

How to Set up Family Setup on Apple Watch 

  • Put the watch on your kid’s hand, and hold it near to the iPhone. 
  • Tap on Setup for a Family Member, and enter the Apple Watch Passcode or scan the barcode using your iPhone. 
  • Choose the Family Member who will be using this smartwatch, and tap on Next.
  • Turn on Ask to Buy if you want to receive all notifications when your kid tries to buy any apps from the Apple Store.
  • Now parents can set up other features on the watch, and their kids can use it. 

ECG and Heart Rate 

The ECG helps determine the functioning of the heart, and I am really helpful in these times when obesity and other health issues are at a peak. Parents can enable the ECG feature on the Apple Watch and keep a check on their kid’s heart rate.

This is also helpful for teenagers and kids with any heart diseases and other health issues that require monitoring the heart rate. 

How to Set up ECG on Apple Watch 

  • Open the App Store on the Apple Watch and download the ECG app. Launch the app, and click on Set up. 
  • Once done, you can take an ECG test and see the results. The results calculated by the ECG app will be visible on the parent’s iPhone if they have paired the app using the Family Setup feature. 
  • You will get the reports within the app, and parents can use these reports to discuss things with their kid’s doctors.

School Time

This feature is only available in watch OS7 and later versions. School time will limit the Apple Watch features and allow your teenage kid to focus on their studies.

How to Setup SchoolTime on Apple Watch

  • Go to your Watch App on iPhone you are using to manage the Watch.
  • Tap on My Watch -> tap Family Watches -> tap a watch.
  • After that, tap on Done and then tap on Schooltime. Now turn on Schooltime and edit the schedule.
  • Select the days and times when you want Schooltime to get activated. You can tap on Add time if you wish to create multiple schedules for school and classes timing during a day.
  • A family member can exit schooltime temporarily to check your child activity ring by tapping on display, press and hold the digital crown button and then tap on Exit.


Q: Is the Apple Watch good for teens?

A: Yes, Apple Watch is a decent choice for teens that prefer the latest smartwatches. There are several models, including the budget ones, that parents can give to their teenage kids. 

Q: What size is the Apple Watch for a 12-year-old?

A: 38mm and 40mm are suitable for 12-year-old kids depending on the size of their wrists. However, it would be great to measure your kid’s wrist and then order an Apple Watch for him. 

Q: What age should your kid get an Apple Watch?

A: The right age to give an Apple Watch to your kid depends on your preference. However, a lot of parents prefer giving smartwatches to their kids when they enter teenage.

Q: What size is the Apple Watch for a 14-year-old?

A: Kids around 14 years of age should get a 40mm size. However, the ideal size depends on the wrist size of your kids.

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That’s everything parents should know to decide which Apple Watch they should give to their teenage students. These watches can even be set up without an iPhone, and parents can keep track of what their kids are doing, including their location, with their consent.

We hope this article has helped you choose an Apple Watch for teenager kids. Check out these best smartwatches for teenagers if you want to explore more options apart from Apple Watches. 

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